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Sunday, July 31, 2016

RE: [mukto-mona] Dissimulation of a past Marxist and present Islamic apologist -- response to Khoma Koro Hazrat

I also heard that some wicked "Ram-Sagal" eaten up those valuable pages of Koranic scinec hence: Science was missing since then. No more Islamic science! Only verses of Terrorists, thukko, verses of jihad remained for modern days holy actions.  





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To: ANISUR RAHMAN; Shah Deeldar; Khurshed Chowdhury;
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Dissimulation of a past Marxist and present Islamic apologist -- response to Khoma Koro Hazrat


I am told the kafirs stole those pages of the Quran that contained lessons on science and used them to discover and invent all that we give them credit for. What the helpless Muslims could do in the absence of those pages?


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Date: Fri, Jul 29, 2016 2:26 PM

To: Shah Deeldar;Khurshed Chowdhury;'Msa40';;

Subject:Re: [mukto-mona] Dissimulation of a past Marxist and present Islamic apologist -- response to Khoma Koro Hazrat


All the science secrets, from the 7th century right up to the present time and far beyond into the future, are all embedded, nay encoded, in the holy book. You guys just can't read it properly. 

When the holy book says that go and kill the disbelievers, what it really means is that kill the ignorance of the disbelievers. See how Islam is asking you to remove ignorance of the disbelievers! (If in the process, the disbelievers have to die, then that is the collateral damage). Zakir Naik (do you remember that satanic face?) once asked an audience, do you deny Allah did not create human being's out of water? His answer was that because when egg cell and sperm cell join together, they are within a blob of water. See, how Allah managed to create human beings out of water! 

Mullahs are reading the holy book to learn Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Cryogenics, Cosmology, Genetic Engineering, Digital Technology and all other scientific disciplines. With such mullahs in the Muslim world, who needs scientists? 

By the way, at Lahore University in Pakistan, the Islamists have set up a Dept of Jinn in the Science Faculty. Jinns are the creatures which carry information from this world to Allah. An unforgivable gap in human knowledge has been filled up by this Dept of Jinn in Lahore.   


- AR


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Atom secrets were hidden in that precious Arabian book but fools failed to decipher them in time before Einstein and Oppenhei mer gang stole them. Think about a perfect harmonious life with Geiger counters constantly buzzing in the background? Country under one God and one big fat (U)mma and never-ending orgasm  :-)


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"I am sure if he had access to atom bombs in his time, he would also have used them to achieve "peace" everywhere on earth!!!"



< span style="font-size:14.0pt;color:#1F497D;">Kaffirs of 7th century Arabia did not learn to make A-Bomb in order to make it available handily by the Prophet of the religion of peace.  So bad!  Kaffirs should make all the weapons ready for the Jihadists, as today, kaffirs are handily and readily supplying all sorts of weapons for the Jihadists. Leaders like Makerel Fish of Germany, many appeasing European budoo leaders, and of course American Demo leaders also making modern weapons readily available for the jihadists via Iraqi Shiite idiots time to time. Insaallah, Jihadists will get the final victory by the help of Allah (SWT) as long as—western nations continue to have leaders like Markel Fish, Italian newly elected idiot leaders and of course, if America still have Demo stupid leaders in charge of America. Only problem is: if Donald J. Trump the biggest trumping leader is elected as the President of American dying super power in Nov. 2016, then thing s may be quite different.





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Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) used those swords, shown in the attachment, to establish "peace" in the world!!


I am sure if he had access to atom bombs in his time, he would also have used them to achieve "peace" everywhere on earth!!!



Mohammad Asghar





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Subject: RE: [mukto-mona] Dissimulation of a past Marxist and present Islamic apologist -- response to Khoma Koro Hazrat

Finally, I read the most appropriate and well written cri tical comments made by Dr. Mahfuzur Rahman on the Bangla article written by Mr. Gaffar Choudhury titled: "Khoma koro Hazrat". I never read Mr. Choudhury's prolix but, I can get the flavor of it from the commentary of Dr. Rahman. This is not the first time, Mr. Choudhury (most famous and revered column writer in Bangladesh) made such hateful comments about western capitalism and and so called  imperialism. He is not an islamist but definitely, he is the most ignorant closet Mullah (like millions of other ignorant muslims), who also always dreams one such most peaceful (?) Islam somewhere in the horizon! He is not alone, most so called Bangladeshi leftist, Marxist/communists leaning pundits like Farhad Mazhaer, Muzahiduddin Salim etc and, many other likes of them always blame America, Britain or Israel for all the bad things happen under the sky, time to time. Like Mr. Chowdhury, many other Bangladeshi columnists also very often give hilarious formulas, as to, how i t is the Israeli Jews who are the architect of ISIS, or al-Qaeda etc. However, being a well known Marxist and leftist but progressive communist of pro-Awamileague/pro-Bangladeshi—Mr. Choudhury always harbors utmost hatreds towards America and Britain, even though, Mr. Choudhury is drinking the sweet milk and honey of Capitalist-land for almost four decades.


Islamic Terrorism has become almost a norms of the today's world. Bottom-line truth: all Muslims are not terrorists; but all ideological terrorists are of course pure (pukka) Muslims!  Yes, Islam is a peaceful religion, at least, in theory. Even though, Prophet of Islam (religion of peace) probably had to put two long swords hanging either side of his waist for his protection from the religion of peace! Attached is the picture of real-things (swords of Prophet Muhammad) one can still find in the Museum in Turkey. Please see the attachment for yourself. Thank you very much.






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