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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

[mukto-mona] [CTI] Building Bridges--editorial of Delhi weekly the Radiance


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Building Bridges

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Right from the dawn of humanity, when we were only two, Adam and Eve, up to now, when we are a teeming 740 crore, there has been a fundamental need of building bridges: bridges of mutual love, respect, understanding and cooperation.

It is natural for humans to cooperate with each other because man is born as an individual, but at no time in his life he can be alone. The very nature of life demands from him to be in society as its member.

We were created as the first pair of a male and a female, then we were made into nations and communities to know, respect and help each other. But unfortunately, humanity in its long history which might have spanned fifty thousand years or more, has seen on countless occasions individuals, groups and nations indulging in conflicts, violence and wars. Twentieth century opened the doors of civilizational excellence but also witnessed a series of destructive wars. First World War resulted in 17 million deaths. As if it was not enough,  some nations of the world indulged in second world war from 1939 to 1945, six long years, which caused the greatest loss of human lives amounting to six crore. It is estimated that world lost about 20 to 30 percent resources in these wars. The world economy lost its speed and humanity had to pay a heavy price for this. World could have seen more progress and prosperity if the leaders of the world had not indulged in those wars. After that we had a series of wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc. The list is very long and unending. 


Besides this, internal and intra ethnic conflicts are also taking place in many countries. During last three months we have seen how more than 40 thousand people have been made to flee their hearth and home in Rakhine, Myanmar. UNESCO was correct when it asserted that the wars start in human minds, therefore it is in the human minds where the defences are to be made.

Our country India can play a very vital role in promoting world peace. It can also present a lively model of peaceful living with unity in diversity. With our 130 crore population which consists of different religious groups, hundreds of ethnicities and language groups can present a beautiful example of narrowing differences, conflict resolution and good mutual relations. The impending elections in UP and other states and continuing political rivalries and wrangles should not be allowed to spoil the atmosphere of communal amity and the task of building a peaceful and prosperous nation should not be lost sight of.        

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