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Monday, January 23, 2017

[mukto-mona] Democrats' Response to President Trump Prove No Lessons Learned

Democrats' Response to President Trump Prove No Lessons Learned
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    "For fun we are working with DC restaurants & bars to ban Members of Congress who plan on repealing Obamacare #trumpleaks #theresistance," he tweeted.
    "Restaurants who don't ban Members will be boycotted by DC residents & close down. We've done it before-It worked #trumpleaks #theresistance," he continued.
    Setting aside the extraordinary hubris and bullying of local businesses engaging in free enterprise, the tone-deafness of the strategy speaks volumes about how Democrats view politics -- as a bludgeoning tool to hurt others with whom they disagree "for fun." If they think this will play well among those they seek to convince of the value of Obamacare, they really are delusional.
    Then, there's the matter of dozens of Democratic lawmakers refusing to attend the inauguration of then-President-elect Trump. It followed the weeks of scheming to develop ways to prevent the installation of Trump as president, including spamming the inboxes and mailboxes of hundreds of electors nationwide with threatening letters should they cast their ballots in favor of Trump, who was elected by the popular vote in the state. It also came after weeks of complaining from liberals about the illegitimacy of the Electoral College, an institution established in the 1780s, in picking the president.
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    The showboating meltdown might have appealed to their preferred interest groups, but Americans who are downright exhausted from the 2016 election cycle probably had little patience for the melodramatics. Sore loser syndrome is hardly inspiring to the average person who is ready to go back to living her life, regardless of her choice for president.
    Such public displays of contempt from Democratic lawmakers offered reassurance to their activist class who took to -- and over -- the streets of the nation's capital this week that their behavior was warranted because their feelings were justified. Since there was no call for civility or unity from Democratic leadership, it is no wonder that their most rabid supporters felt empowered to act however they wished.
    In fact, the Women's March in D.C., with all of its vagina hats and vulgar signs, also featured former Secretary of State John Kerry and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), among other prominent Democratic lawmakers and liberal public figures. Any credible political adviser on the Left would have cautioned against attempting to normalize this approach to politics, citing the likelihood it would alienate swing voters in places Democrats keep losing. Apparently, they don't quite understand that in order to achieve their desired policies, they have to actually persuade people to support their candidates and causes.
    But, for people who blur the lines of the political and the personal, Democratic decisions in the Trump era befuddle those of us who have spent any time in this industry. They continue to engage in behavior that further alienates them from the American mainstream, a signal of their ongoing miscalculation of the political environment and the needs of the people they'd like to represent.
    A party whose power lust once necessitated pragmatism now maintains an illogical, slavish devotion to an ideology rejected by voters time and time again. If they don't change their ways, more Democrats will be sent packing in 2018, too. Maybe then they'll learn their lesson.
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