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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[mukto-mona] Fw: THE NEW RIGHT IS WRONG

My cyberspace friend for more than 25 yrs., Prof Shamsul Islam, has rightly picked the tendencies of the "New Right", not only for India but many of the trends apply to Bangladesh as well.

Major Zia of Bangladesh blindly imitated the great evil Generals of Pakistan, imposed Martial Law and incorporated Pakistan's Military-Mollatocracy by rehabilitating Jamaat and joining political force with Jamaat. In his attempt to doctor the 1972 Constitution of Bangladesh, destroying all democratic and secular institutions, and his cold blooded murder of adversaries, he resembles the worst trends of Hindutwa vision of India.

Jamati honchos, with the blessing of the ruling BNP, established Islami Banking which is milking the unsuspecting ordinary customers, funding the gun-running of the Jehadists,  and cheating the Govt. of taxes.

From: Shamsul Islam <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 5:53 PM
Rajiv Lall, a prominent banker (founder managing director and CEO of IDFC Bank), emboldened by the Hindutva policies of the current RSS/BJP regime in a write-up (THE NEW RIGHT, The Indian Express, January 18, 2017, link: demanded adoption of old Hindutva vision of India; belief in a super leader, disliking for democracy, hatred for all-inclusive India, love for unbridled capitalism and allergy to social justice. I responded to it in the same paper, THE NEW RIGHT IS WRONG.
Belief in a strong state and leader, and market economy, with a stress on Hindu roots defines it
It is only the old RSS vision for India recycled
The second is the need for “strong leaders”. Lall admits India’s democratic institutions “have been weakening” but for this, he finds fault with there being no “strong leaders to fix them”. The reality is that India’s democratic institutions have lost relevance due to “strong leaders” like Indira Gandhi in the past and a current “strong leader”, PM Modi. This is corroborated by many strictures which the highest court has passed in just the last two years. There is a general consensus that all government powers are concentrated in the PMO, surpassing even the times of Indira Gandhi. Top BJP brass as well as media are witness to the fact that Modi is becoming India and vice-versa.  . . . .>>

 For your kind perusal.
S. Islam


Posted by: Farida Majid <>

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