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Friday, January 27, 2017

[mukto-mona] Fwd: posted by me discussion with Prof Sarwar Chowdhury

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Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2017 at 7:53 PM
Subject: posted by me discussion with Prof Sarwar Chowdhury
To: Sitangshu Guha <>

Prof. that's wrong answer. If I put the musk in my mouth first then I can breathe and save my child. Most people rapidly answer like you and us and not practical. Thus we are all suffering till today including you and progressive Muslim people and it will not stop in the near future or may be never.


You also said that that is what exactly they want- unfortunately our group is very small we cannot tackle them anymore. The way you thinking like Writer Mr. Humayun Azad and others. We saw what happen to him, but nothing happen to them their group is increasing in Bangladesh. To decrease their group new form of intervention need to think.


I already told you if I survive then I can stand for someone. To establish secularism many of us already dead and rest of us including you and all progressive Muslim and non-Muslim are at the eleventh hour of death.


Mahatma Gandhi and Moulana Azad also thought like you and us. Their idea is failed. If their idea is right/correct there would be no more Pakistan or partition of India. Their idea is failed that's why the whole Indian subcontinent is burning like Missippi burning Movie for communal fight.


The blood is shredding since 1947 and before that. Nobody thought to stop it completely. Politician took advantage of it. Victims are continue suffering. That's why we should find a permanent solution to stop communal blood shredding. We want a permanent solution. We want no minority should be suffer or persecuted in any country in the world.


No Muslim brother or Muslim leader want another Muslim brother dying or blood shredding, similarly no Hindu or Buddhist brother want their blood shredding.

From next second we don't want a single drop of blood shredding for communal fighting.


In south Asia minorities are suffering in all countries more or less. My idea is in the SAARCC there should be an agenda to stop communal fighting and minority issues in Indian subcontinent or total south Asia including Myanmar, Thailand, Philippine.

Exchanging minorities is one of the option can be implemented again. Therefore, there may be reconciling Nehru Liakat deed to keep it open for unlimited time. So people who want can take opportunity to migrate. And try to make and find many new options. May be for a mass vote in Indian subcontinents to exchange minority to stop permanently, like in east and west Punjab and also who don't want to migrate, there is no problem that majority can live first class and minority can live second class in any country, if they want, like we live in Bangladesh now as a second-class citizen. Otherwise the blood will shred eternal time there will be no solution or come to an end.


Last week I read the news of Munira begum in NY at Prothom-alo who wear an American flag as a hijab. Probably everybody notice. She claims she is American and she is Muslim and thus she feels proud.

Muslim people claim two identities first they claim the nationality of that country first thing first, then secondly Muslim identity or vice versa in the country where a Muslim people live. But other nations or religious nations claim one identity. Like Chinese or American or Russian never claim "Chinese and Buddhist" or "Buddhist and Chinese", or "Indian or Hindu" or "Hindu and Indian" or first Russian then Christian or first Christian then Russian. Islam is not loyal to any state or Islam does not confess loyalty to a state. Muslim in any state in the world form Islamic brotherhood. This is a problem for democracy when a particular religious group claim separate identity or nationality inside a country.


Establishment of Secularism is not possible in any country in the world forget about any Muslim country. India just started to establish but their leaders surrender to Muslim and other minority in different issues or give concession to a group of minority or excessive concessions to a group of minority or particularly Muslim, some time or most of the time to majority also. No other countries has secularism clause in their constitution except mistrial Indian constitution. That's why many political scientist and philosopher says the Indian democratic constitution is not true democratic constitution, it is their won made democratic constitution not according to Abraham Lincoln proposed democracy or democratic constitution. Many western still criticize about it.  But it is good for particularly one minority not for all minority or majority, not bad at all some how better for Muslim people.

Going back to Monira's news- so Islam only understands Muslim and Muslim only understand Islam not in democracy. Religion is for man or men is for religion in Muslim people and accordingly other religious people that 's a million dollar question we need to think.


Bidai haz-r last speech-a President Pronob Mukherjee advise India to become more tolerance to other religions and mutiidaialism. I do not know why he does not tell neighboring countries to become same. Or why he does not advise the rest of the world to become same. Only India needs to be secular, multiidealist, tolerable to other isms. He probably knows rest of the world will not listen to him or he is only scare of India.


Winston Churchill in British parliament with a book on his hand said as long as this book is (Quran) in the world there will be no piece. Please get this book and citation from Mr. Bipul Rana Dhar if anybody want. The jihad will continue until the whole world turn into Muslim world and everybody converted to Muslim. In this context you can search some video posting in the Facebook of Mr. Saniur Rahman and Writer Taslima Nasrin's interview in News today in the youtube. Last month I posted few of them. Also please find the news-The morocco convention "why minority cannot live in Muslim country."


Radical fundamentalism provoke India Israel USA to become alliance, it was just waiting of time, so there will be no surprise one day the whole world will be formed allies to destroy and demolish the Zionist Islamic fascism and fundamentalism.  The unexpected worst will be to harvest ripe mango unfortunately green mango will be also fall down. People who we are suffering like you and in your group are waiting for a movement of that time is coming. 


In my office one of my colleague asked me why terrorism is not stopping. I answered because of us. He asked me how- I replied. In my village if my brother do terrorism if you and I tell my brother to stop it, he will listen to you or me? Who do you think? My colleague answers me that my brother will listen to me not him because my brother doesn't know him. I said correct.

To stop terrorism and fundamentalism Muslim brother has to tell and come together and take initiative action to stop Islamic terrorism. All Muslim countries need to form allies against terrorism. Because they know like the example that their brother who is doing terrorism in a village or country. Otherwise no non- Muslim country or any super power country can stop it completely alone. President Obama also said same, because some of the terrorist group already acquired tactical weapons and their territory is in the whole world which also Mr. Bipul Rana Dhar mentioned in his posting.

A group of progressive Muslim intellectual keeps silence and thus provokes Islamic terrorism. That's why you and me, we are all suffering. We know leftist and rightist. But it is difficult to find out the character of people who are in between left and right. And they are very subversive for human society.


Gandhi and Azad said that India will not be separated on their body. They lived in fool paradise. The reality happened. So people who we are thinking positive attitude like you, we are probably living in a fool's paradise. I don't know now may be in the future we will know. In this context West Bengal BJP leader's speech you can listen and see the video in the Facebook what a young boy told about India partition in a meeting.

Thank you very much.


Posted by: Sitangshu Guha <>

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