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Friday, January 27, 2017

[mukto-mona] Saudis sleeping Terror cells religiously extremist Muslims in European cities and everywhere in the world….

Saudis sleeping Terror cells religiously extremist Muslims in European cities and everywhere in the world….
In US, UK, Europe or 3rd world…..The Saudis can hire the services of the Mafia-linked-organized-crime to harass dissident and liberal Muslims, atheist, ex-Muslims etc.

Amir Hakk, a Pakistani Islamic fundamentalist and extremist living in Madin,. attached to the Madina University – Saudi Arabia, is active again on Paltalk usually in Stay_Online's room at (,in Asia and Pacific category, Pakistan subcategory, … as on Facebook and other social media… He spies on people talking against Islam, or are liberal, agnostic Muslims… then he reports them to the Pkistani wing of the Saudi Religious Police, who them take action against these liberals through the local Islamic group, the sleeping extremist cells of resident Muslims in all cities and countries of the world.


... I remember that few weeks ago, a liberal Pakistani Muslim, Allama Ayaz Nizami had a one-to-one dialogue-Munaazra with him  on a delicate Islamic topic; the discussion was incomplete and was scheduled to re-start the very next day, Allama Sahib promised to come the next day but did not come. That was unusual of him, so I started a sort of investigate the matter. I recalled that during the first day of discussion with Allama sahib, Amir Hakk while losing the debate and his temper, particularly asked of Allama's present country of residence twice and somebody informed him of that in the text. Events moved which points to something dangerous in Amir Hakk's attitude.

(It is usual for the Arabs living in foreign countries to make good relations with the authorities through gifts of money or other things in the Western as well as other countries, and exploit the Islamic connections in Islamic countries. On the other hand, they use technology, as in the age of iphone sort of technology, it is easy to keep record, trace and harass anybody anywhere in the world, through city Islamic groups or through the agency of masjid-madrassa, even in the villages. They try to get scholars expelled calling them atheists or get them harassed by accusing them as Ahmedi etc. in Muslim countries.)                         Amir Hakk had been boasting of his international connections and his unusual powers etc. in his paltalk talks, as if he were a member of some Aalmi Mujahedeen Tanzeem (International Jihdi terrorist group) paid and supported by some rich Bedouins, directly or indirectly connected to Saudi religious secret service and other pro-Islamic terrorist groups... In the beginning I did not take him seriously, though…                                          Three days after Allama Sahib'sr Munaazra, I had a one to one discussion with him, he was losing and he asked the room my country of residence, somebody informed him in the text accordingly.



Two days later in my Central European city of residence, I saw a dark colored Bedouin in his traditional dress angrily gazing me at the shopping centre; next day he appeared in an Indian shop where I was shopping and was angrily looking at me. Then next three days, different Arab women followed me wherever I went, on buses and underground. It had never happened to me before. Therefore I mentioned it to some local people and this following stopped.                                                Two weeks later, I went to Stuttgart in Germany for a conference on Refugees and Migrants. I had to change 4 trains to reach Stuttgart and then had to take a local train. While waiting at Stuttgart station, I saw an Arab/Italian girl, she stood near me, took my photograph with her mobile and sent the photo and text to somebody via her mobile. After three local stops, an Arab and an African boarded the train and sat on the seater next to me. There were very few people in that section of the train: the Arab started making loud noises and thumping the table, creating chaos, obviously hoping that I shall react and ask him to keep quiet and then may be a quarrel may start. I was highly suspicious and kept quiet. To confirm that they were after me. I went to the train door one stop before mine, to see what they do. Both came after me to the door, I did not descend from the train, and they didn't either, so it was confirmed that they had come after me to harass me and to quarrel with me, and to inure me … as I could now see a knife in the Arab boy's pantaloon pocket.                                On my return journey, when I arrived at Stuttgart, an Arab was there at the station waiting there, however, it was a high speed train so I was saved from any trouble.                                       How did they know of my program;…. in high tech western countries, it is common for the secret services, private security agencies and the Italian-Mafia linked-organized-crime to lodge some kind of computer virus like Trojan horse in the computers of anybody who is intellectually active and so they keep a record of the programs of their activities and travels etc.: anybody can pay them and have the data. Moreover, the Mafia-linked organized crime has the duplicate keys of nearly all the apartments in various cities and countries here as elsewhere and they can enter when one is gone for shopping and can steal documents, copy or re-edit the USB data, remove/delete the files, disrupt or re-program the computer, delete the e.mails, and do what they like, and the police may refuse to register these crimes, so you see the connections.                             Saudis have sleeping cells of terrorists and other religiously mischievous Muslims everywhere in the world, whether US, UK, Europe or 3rd world, and they can harass and make life difficult for religious dissidents, liberals and atheists. They inform the secret services in Islamic countries, like ISI in Pakistan, and have the liberal and agnostic Muslims, the vocal non-Muslims etc. 'killed or disappeared'.  

                                         Amir Hakk is one of those dangerous Muslims, in charge of Pakistani section, he is located in Madina-Saudi Arabia, linked to some department of the Medina University and had international links, and he is a very dangerous Muslim…..


Posted by: Myounus sheikh <>

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