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Sunday, January 22, 2017

[mukto-mona] Trump’s Inauguration and the Legitimacy Fetish


"For all of John Lewis's heroic service to his country," wrote the Washington Post's Ruth Marcus (1/16/17), "the Georgia congressman's assertion that Donald Trump is not a 'legitimate' president was not appropriate or helpful." >> [Read on . . ]

<< The new system of government, of course, still left almost everything to be desired from the standpoint of democracy. From 1789 until 1824, the proportion of the US population taking part in presidential elections never got above 4 percent, and usually was closer to 1 percent. With the extension of suffrage to non-propertied white men, to African-American men, to women, to young adults, the country came closer to being a society where the people actually ruled—but this happened only when the people refused to concede the legitimacy of systems designed to disenfranchise. >>
Refusal to accept undemocratic results is the only thing that has moved democracy forward.


Posted by: Farida Majid <>

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