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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Avijit murder probe report soon

Dear Anisur Rahman,

The DMP Commissioner also said something that you fail to mention. It is chilling to free-thinkers. He said that no writing that hurts the 'religious sentiments' of people will be tolerated and that writers of such works will be brought under the purview of law. So there we  go again! The police determine what to write and which books gets past them to the Ekushey boi mela. The Avijits who died for freedom of thought appear to have died in vain. We may proclaim  চিত্ত যেথা ভয় শূন্য, উচ্চ যেথা শির as many times as we like. The reality in Bangladesh is rather different. 
  I am not sure the DMP Chief was even aware of the supreme irony of announcement that the arrest of all the killers of of Avijit was imminent followed by  warning that free-thinkers like the slain writer will not be tolerated.

Mahfuzur Rahman

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