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Friday, January 13, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Faith of an idiot

Good, you are getting hurt with petals it seems. Go and check any comment from this side were hurting. Sad. Really pathitic.  Until you realise, change never start. 

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From: "Dristy Pat [mukto-mona]" <>
Date: 14/01/2017 7:21 AM (GMT+08:00)
Subject: [mukto-mona] Faith of an idiot


Mushrafi: "You some are so sleepless to throw dirts to others business and stone to other glass houses. Its sad that you never tired to do so untill some one react gravely and hurts you. 
If you claim you are smarts, than do some thing creative instead of doing nasty pocking your ugly finger to others anus.
As you have, everyone has their own freedom to belive one thing or disbelieve it. Throwing impatient and irritating coments, opinions are hooligan behaviour and is uncivilized. "

What happened, Mr. Mushrafi?

You said, you are a perfect mukto-mona and others are bullying you. But, here you have mentioned verbal threat to hurt people physically if they do not stop criticism of religion. You are no mukto-mona, mukto-monas can handle criticism with arguments. You have no ability to present any argument.

If you get hurt by the conversations in this forum, why do you keep coming back to this forum? Also, you are the one who is poking everyone with thoughtless comments. If you cannot handle these conversations, the best suggestion is to unsubscribe from this forum.



Posted by: Mohammad Mushrafi <>

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