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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Obama/Democrats want to be more hawkish than Regan Republicans? Funny!

Democrats are trying to find political traction. They have been testing water in many ways, but, so far, nothing stuck. Obama tried to appease Russia throughout his entire presidency, but failed. Now he is on the way out, and suddenly became hawkish at Russia, and became a laughing stock around the world, including Russia.
Democrat Party politics used to be centrist, when I voted for them about 20 years ego. It is Obama, who pushed the Democrat Party platform to the far left, almost to the brink of socialism. In fact, a self-declared socialist would have been the nominee of the Democrat Party in the last Presidential election, if the primary election process was free and fair, without conspiracy against him. Just think, how far left this party is today. 
The fact that, Obama is taking steps on his way out, such as, putting sanctions against Russia, expelling Russian diplomats, and, drafting a stunt resolution in the UN against Israel, etc. show that these actions have nothing to do with the real problems on the ground; these are actions only to complicate policies of his successor.
Such acts can only be likened to the booby-traps or land-mines a victor may confront after the victory, which is nothing but a downright mean action on the part of a loser.
Obama had a potential to be a great leader, but decided to be a petulant one. He will remain petulant and vindictive throughout his retirement, only to diminish himself in the eye of the people around the world.
Jiten Roy

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Subject: [mukto-mona] Obama/Democrats want to be more hawkish than Regan Republicans? Funny!

It was funny to see Obama blaming Clinton defeat on Russians as if Russia had changed American voters' minds at the ballot box? Powerful Russian vote rigging? Are Democrats are becoming more anti-socialists? Sounds like very counter-intuitive and odd.


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