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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Please listen

As a ~10 years old, I used to hear such sermons broadcast over loudspeakers, so everyone in our, mostly Hindu populated, village can hear loud and clear, and think, why Muslim religious sermons have such Hindu-bashing, but we have nothing against Muslims in our religious sermons. I also would fear about the consequences of such hateful sermons on us. I used pray for the ending of such sermons, but it would go on for hours.
If such criticisms go on for hours, it will be impossible for most Muslim to treat Hindus and their deities with any respect or fairness. How could any Muslim not fill their hearts with hate against Hindus after hearing such religious sermons?
I know, this is the reason why Hindus are being persecuted, and their deities are being desecrated almost everyday in Bangladesh.
These are the instigators of such hatefulness in Bangladesh. They are quoting from Quran, so, no one can stop these hateful messages. Isn't it sad?

Jiten Roy

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