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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Watch Please

The man forgets one thing very conveniently... that more Muslims are being killed by none other than brotherly Muslims. And, Muslim refugees preferring infidel lands for their safety and livelihood. In return, the very same people want their way of life imposed on other civil societies and create very similar violence that they fled from. Obviously, Americans and Europeans are simply getting tired of these people.... who think, they deserve the right to change western culture and traditions. Well, soon or later, something got to give here.

On Saturday, January 28, 2017 12:58 PM, "Jiten Roy [mukto-mona]" <> wrote:


Yes, we saw all those carnages around the world, and we were all horrified by those atrocities, and we were all sorry for the people involved in those places. But, no matter how sorry I was, I could do nothing to stop them.
Fortunately, as Bangladeshi, each of us  can do something about the mistreatment of religious minorities in our own country. I am glad, you are against such injustices.

You are right, Muslim societies around the world may ultimately benefit from this politically incorrect president of the USA. I firmly believe - unvarnished truth is the best remedy for meaningful changes. After witnessing politically correct administration policies for 8 years, I believe, we are now ready to test the politically incorrect policies.

When David Muir asked President Trump about his controversial immigration policies, which could make Muslims around the world angry with USA, he said, they are already angry now, and the world is a mess even without it; how much more angry could they be? I am glad you see the world the same way.

Religious radicalization cannot bring any good to any religion. So, it should be the responsibility of each religious community to guard against it. Currently, the focus has been on the Muslim community, which is gravely infected with the religious radicalization, and it is the responsibility of each Muslim to end it. It's not doing any good to Muslims around the world.
It's not just religious radicalization, liberalism has been a problem in the world as well; liberalism nourishes religious radicalization. These two factors are interrelated.  
So, I agree with you, current President's policies could be the wakeup call for the world that was badly needed.  

Jiten Roy

From: "javed helali [mukto-mona]" <>
Sent: Friday, January 27, 2017 9:42 PM
Subject: [mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Watch Please

I have watched and am horrified. I condemn the killings, lootings, rapings etc.

Have you watched the Rohingya killings in Myanmar. The demolition of Babri masjid in India in front of the law enforcement officials and extremist politicians of BJP, RSS and their ilk.

Yearly anti-Muslim  riots in India since 1947.

The massacres of Muslims in Bosnia. Chechnya and shias of Pakistan?

The mass murders and collective punishment to the Palestinians in Israel and its occupied territories.

In fact one of the placards in your posting was treasonous!
Have you ever condemned anything of the above????

The world haas become a nasty place. the sooner it ends the better. I guess the new Pres of US might help expedite it, inadvertantly,of course.
JH 512-669-5248

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Subject: {PFC-Friends} Watch Please

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