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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Trump blasts 'fools' who oppose good Russian ties

Do you want to know why media, TV, and political pundits portray Russia as our greatest enemy, but China as friends?
Military industrial-Complexes spend billions/year on propaganda campaign. They have their paid agents/commentators in every media, such as, TV, Newspaper, internet, etc. Also, they have lobbyists to buy politicians, like McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. Their job is to portray Russia as our enemy to keep arms race going, so military Industrial Complexes can get trillions of dollars contracts from the US government. Many politicians, and Military contractors live on the doo of these military Industrial complexes.
They don't like Trump, because he wants to reset relationship with Russia in the post-cold war format. Russia is no longer spreading communism around the world that would be a threat to US capitalist ideals. Now, Russia has been transitioning to capitalism, and US should cooperate with them for mutual interests around the world. Trump's initiative will bring fruits, even though Obama/Hillary attempt was a failure.
The reason why Obama/Hillary attempt failed was because, as they were resetting relations with Russia, they were also messing up with the entire Middle-east to bring democracy there, which hurt Russian interests in the Middle-east terribly.
Trump is a pragmatic leader, and has no interest to spread democracy nonsense around the world. His only interest is to protect US interests, which is no different from that of Putin's interest for Russia. Only problem for Trump is the US Military Industrial lobbyists in the US Congress, Senate, and Pentagon.
You might ask, why China is not in the radar of Military Industrial Complex. The answer is - it is not that big yet.  
Jiten Roy

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Subject: [mukto-mona] Trump blasts 'fools' who oppose good Russian ties

Trump knows how to play Russian card against the Chinese. Would he be allowed to do it? Blindly hating Russia for its communist past while accommodating communist China is truly a mind boggling stupidity. What that has accomplished so far? Russia does not want Jews to control Russia and China wants the very same.
Why Russia needs to be a villain forever? How that makes US as a winner? It is the undemocratic China that has become more powerful in last two decades with America's blessings. How making China more stronger serves US interests?


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