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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] নাসিরনগরে হামলা - রসরাজের জ ামিন নিয়ে পরবর্ত ী শুনানি ১৬ জানুয় ারি

Ms. Majid, intellectuals like you need to do a lot better than fighting 'against the hanky-panky going on about Rasarj's indictment'. They need to work on how and why hundreds and thousands of Muslims form mobs and perpetrate barbaric crimes against communities of non-Muslims with the excuse of accusing just one of the community members of hurting their stupid religious sentiments. As I already said, Bangladesh needs a mass humanization of Muslims.

Please refrain from calling me anti-Muslim or Islamophobe; I wish justice, peace and prosperity for all kinds of humans, including Muslims.

Sukhamaya Bain



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