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Sunday, March 12, 2017


This is a little better. A sense of respectivity is civility.  Pulling some one down from respect does not harm him/her who are already placed in respect. Such huge as Mr. Bhashani. Only those, who habitually use disrespectful words, reduces to nothing.

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Date: 12/03/2017 9:48 AM (GMT+08:00)


The question is rather what Maulana did for Bangladeshi independence with his weak political clout and followings. Why should we put him on the same pedestal with Mujib? Why Bashani's intention should be grabbing the power when he could not even get more than handful parliamentary seats? I do not see any of his political campaigns leading to Bangladeshi independence. That was my point.

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It is really a psychological peoblem of few so called "intelectuals". They sharpens their tongue to sting people, policies and ideas randomly. Its a strongly negative attitude with ugly habit of undermining others without any base. 

Mr.Bhashani was a historic personality who had no no intention to grab power. He lived very plainly and spoke for the interest of the people and nation. He mobilized long March against Farrakka barrage, he organised vital political dialogue "Kagmari Conference". 

The people with ill intentions always tries to sting others for no apparent reason. They are simply ill in psyche. 

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Date: 11/03/2017 7:25 AM (GMT+08:00)
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There is no comparison between a clout-less illiterate Maulana and a struggle-hardened Mujib. While Mujib had the voters' mandate to rule, Maulana had no political power base at all except some negligible voters' support like communists and NAP parties were having at that time. People did not even vote for that poor guy. So, what Bhasani said or did was basically irrelevant to Bangladeshi independence. It was Mujib, who was courteous enough to make some space for Maulana and welcomed him to the liberation movement. Make no mistake that his absence during the liberation time would not have changed the history. Accrording to Yahya's affidavit, Bhasani's stance was rather dubious about Bangladeshi independence. He was overtly very friendly to Yahya junta and wanted to accommodate dictator's wish for an intact Pakistan. Bluntly put, the man was not a trustworthy politician. He wanted to be a communist in a Maulana garb but did not know much about real communism.

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Abid Bahar

Mujib's 7th March speech has been hailed by members of Mujib cult as the declaration of independence. A careful examination of the speech shows
something different from what is projected for people's consumption.Although on 7th March, Mujib made a good deliberation but research shows, it
 was only an" If Speech" (Jodi Akta Goli Pora). It was not much different from Maulana Bhasani's "if speech." The latter saying if autonomy demand wasn't accepted, then "Assalamu Alikum" meaning goodbye that is independence. 

Surprisingly, what BKSALITe overenthusists Mujib worshippers are making of the speech was not seen in newspapers after the speech. On the other hand newspapers reported people's frustration for not declaring independence. Then the worst happened. The hypocrite Mujib negotiated with the enemy to save Pakistan.then as the top leader of the country even motivated by his self interest of safety for himself
 and his family even voluntarily surrendered to the enemy, making him the greatest betrayer of all times. Upon his return from
Pakistan, he should have been arrested as a razakar and like Golam Azam who was also known as the  "Bhasha Sainik," Mujib the razakar #1 and
Hasina the razakar #2 should have been tried by the court for treason. Mujib wasn't killed by the Pakistani army but died in the hand of freedom fighters.

Today, Hasina carries the burden of Mujib's razakar legacy, lately she removed from the museum Zia's medal of valor at the liberation war . This move by Hasina  says a lot. that Hasina's "Mukti Juddher Chatona" is in disguise the razakar #2's  fight against this brave Mukti juddha. It says more when we see Hasina is selling Bangladesh to India for "one dollar" what we had earned in exchange for huge pool of blood.

In not understanding Mujibbadi fascism, and not taking proper nonviolent measures, today, through Indian puppetry, Mujibbadi extremism is growing leaps and bound because it remained unabated. The Mujibbadi hero-worshippers lately even made a law for jail terms to people criticize Mujib. In this latest fascist measure, surely freedom of speech by historians taken away.

Surely, freedom struggle against fascism and razakarism still continues.
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