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Sunday, April 16, 2017

[mukto-mona] Re: Shafi of Hefojat Islam now put Sk Hasina under his hefajot

These adorable young girls and boys growing up in a multicultural free and fair society are the future of Bangladesh, not the present crop of dimwits and bog-heads masquerading as custodian of the religion dishing out contaminated messages.  

- AR

On Sunday, 16 April 2017, 18:23, Farida Majid <> wrote:

Here is a great example of Mr. Jalaluddin Khan, the following his own advice of "Let's counter an idea with an idea, argument with an argument, sense with sense, but not with slur and slander."  >>
এক পড়ন্ত বিকেলে সঙ্গী সহ স্কুল থেকে বাড়ী ফিরছিলাম। কার ছাগলে কার ফসলে একটা কামড় দিয়েছিলো এই নিয়ে দুটি ছোট্ট মেয়ের মধ্যে তুমুল বাক বিতন্ডা। এক পর্যায়ে এক পক্ষ শাসিয়ে বললো, আঁর (আমার ) বা'র (বাপের ) ....টি তোর মা'র্ ...ভিতরে হান্দাই ( ঢুকাই) দিয়ম। অন্য পক্ষ জবাবে কী বলেছিলো তা শুনার আগেই আমরা মুখচাপা দিয়ে ভোঁ দৌড়।
সবদিকে বিফল হয়ে ফরিদা বিবি তার কচি নাতনিকে ভাড়া করেছেন তার কাল্পনিক শত্রুকে শায়েস্তা করতে। কী জঘন্য মোনোবৃত্তি ! কেরাতে খুকিকে পরামর্শ : তোমার দিদাকে এমন স্থানে একটা লাগাও যাতে তার মাথা ঠিকানায় আসে। বহুবার বলেছি, ডাক্তার দেখাও  কানে যায়না। >>

Thats my grandniece Princess Zakia -- and she knows how to kick ass and the cohorts of past 2-paisa tin-soldier Military dictator -- she knows how to protect Bangladesh from EVIL forces.  She is the future generation with all the blessings of Almighty Allah!

Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017 10:03 PM
To: Jalal Uddin Khan; Razzak Syed
Cc: zainul abedin; Khoniker Othithee; Pfc; Rezaul Karim; Outlook Team; RANU CHOWDHURY; Farida Majid; Post Card; Hussain Suhrawardy; Rashed Anam; Quazi Nuru; Quazi Haque; Javed Helali; Mohammad Aleem; Nuran Nabi
Subject: Re: Shafi of Hefojat Islam now put Sk Hasina under his hefajot
I agree with Mr Jalal Uddin Khan's email when he said, "Let's counter an idea with an idea, argument with an argument, sense with sense, but not with slur and slander." Fine, but what did Mr Razzak Syed say in response to this email? He said, I quote: "None these guys like AR or KO criticise other faiths except Islam, where as they carries the identity of Islam, they have no differences with ISIS, they are motivated with money and endanger for the society". If this is not slur, I don't know what slur is.
If I challenge him what evidence has he got to prove that I am motivated by money or question him on what grounds he finds no difference between me or KO and ISIS, does he have any word to say. If he continues with such slur, I may take the issue to court.

- AR

On Sunday, 16 April 2017, 14:07, Jalal Uddin Khan <> wrote:

1. Dear friends, let us please use all these e-mail opportunities to air, share, exchange, and ventilate our views and ideas only, political or religious, be they personal, subjective, objective, partial, or comprehensive, but not to attack somebody else's English. This is not a writing center, a tutorial class, or an online freshman composition test. Everybody's English doesn't have to be excellent; everybody doesn't have to master or excel in the language. While there are some here in this e-mail group whose English is impeccable and unassailable, there are some whose English may not be perfect and does not need to be perfect. Having said so, I find Captain Razzak Syed's English absolutely clear, fine, and communicative, much better than many of us on this forum and more than enough for interpersonal communication. 

2. All on these e-mail forums are highly respectable and knowledgeable. They are all established in their respective professions. They are wives, husbands, and parents with their grown up children. Let's treat each other with dignity and decency. Let's counter an idea with an idea, argument with argument, sense with sense, but not with slur and slander.  

3. As believing Muslims and as long as we remain so, we have to be careful not to controvert, collide, and collude with a Quranic message, whether we can observe it or not in our personal life due to our weaknesses. But to challenge or dismiss a Quranic text would be dangerous to our faith. If we are atheist or extremely secularist, above the ring of religions and with no boundary of religious faith, that's a different matter.      

4. Barrister Maudud said it right when he said: " আমাদেরকে অনেকটা তালাবন্দি করে রেখেছেন।" All BNP men and women are each burdened with dozens of penal court cases, indiscriminately jailed and remanded and abducted and killed, with the police boots and bullets, in uniform or plain clothes white micro, ever threatening them every second, both at home and on the street, their right to assembly completely denied to them.    

On Sun, Apr 16, 2017 at 2:36 PM, Razzak Syed <> wrote:
Mr. AR,
   I repeat again, better come out with your real identity. People with false identities are the biggest criminals and inventors of ISIS. You should be taken to Guantanamo cell for mental check up.

The verses quoted are true and I have no doubt on any word of the Quran. You have doubts? Then you don't deserve to use the name 'Anisur Rahman', rather it should be 'Asshole Ruscal'.

Razzak A. Syed

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On 16 Apr 2017, at 7:12 pm, ANISUR RAHMAN < > wrote:

Mr Razzak Syed,

Do you live in this world? And if you do, have you had your mental condition checked? I think you are totally insane and abnormal. If the verse of Quran you quoted is correct, then I would say I have not seen a more block headed statement ever.

Let me give you a good piece of advice. Go and learn English - start with Grade 7 English Book. When you reach Grade 11 or 12, then start writing in English again on the website. At the moment your English is ridiculous and you make yourself a laughing stock.  

- AR

On Sunday, 16 April 2017, 5:57, Razzak Syed <> wrote:


True Muslims don't need to kiss Hasina's hand other than yourself. Your statement shows, you are nothing but an Islam hater and hypocrites with a hidden identity. Everyone will know their fate once 'Angel of Death' on his door step.

Memorising Quran isn't as easy as anyone things. I challenge any Tom dick or harry to give a try. It's a blessings of Allah (SWT). 

Following verses affirms it:

যদি আমি এই কোরআন পাহাড়ের উপর অবতীর্ণ করতাম, তবে তুমি দেখতে যে, পাহাড় বিনীত হয়ে আল্লাহ তা'আলার ভয়ে বিদীর্ণ হয়ে গেছে। আমি এসব দৃষ্টান্ত মানুষের জন্যে বর্ণনা করি, যাতে তারা চিন্তা-ভাবনা করে।"

Fools like KO never think 

Razzak A. Syed

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On 16 Apr 2017, at 11:45 am, zainul abedin <> wrote:


Barrister Moudud: " আমাদেরকে অনেকটা তালাবন্দি করে রেখেছেন।" You deserve worse than that!

Zainul Abedin

On Saturday, April 15, 2017 8:33 PM, Khoniker Othithee <> wrote:

Those bustard/bastar who thinks just memorizing, without understanding all the meaning of all of they read , can make someone intellectual, then they are welcome to kiss the of Hasina and hefajot leader. I know many mullah who are hafez in my area.  BD is full of  such intellectuals; state of BAD is great testimony to that.

On Sat, 4/15/17, Razzak Syed <> wrote:

Subject: Re: Shafi of Hefojat Islam now put Sk Hasina under his hefajot
To: "Khoniker Othithee" <>
Cc: "Bangladesh-progressives Googlegroups" <bangladesh-progressives@>, "Pfc" <> , "Jalal Uddin Khan" <>, "Rezaul Karim" <>, "Shah DeEldar" <>, "Outlook Team" <>, "RANU CHOWDHURY" <>, "Zainul Abedin" <>, "Farida Majid" <>, "Post Card" <>, "Mokto Mona" <>, "Hussain Suhrawardy" <> , "Dr.Gholam Mostofa" <>, "Rashed Anam" <>, "Bipulnahar" <>, "ANISUR RAHMAN" < >
Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017, 8:48 PM

hypocrites don't understand the following verses of the
আসমান ও যমীন সৃষ্টিতে
এবং রাত্রি ও দিনের
আবর্তনে নিদর্শন
রয়েছে বোধ সম্পন্ন
লোকদের জন্যে। যাঁরা
দাঁড়িয়ে, বসে, ও
শায়িত অবস্থায়
আল্লাহকে স্মরণ করে এবং
চিন্তা গবেষণা করে
আসমান ও জমিন সৃষ্টির
বিষযে, (তারা বলে)
পরওয়ারদেগার! এসব তুমি
অনর্থক সৃষ্টি করনি।
সকল পবিত্রতা তোমারই,
আমাদিগকে তুমি দোযখের
শাস্তি থেকে

If there is no religious education
institutions, then how they are going to learn? Don't
these bustards open their eyes on religious educational
institutions of other faiths, how they propagates their
faith on national channels! If they don't, bustards at
least don't carry false identities. 

 Razzak A. Syed

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On 16 Apr
2017, at 10:02 am, Khoniker Othithee <>

With election in mind she is
catering to whim of Hefajot, which led war criminal shafi.
She stoop
to the level talabizing education system.Even Jamat didnt
made any
request for elevating madrassa certificate to master degree.
It has
long term implication for future on the nation.

who kew her family history in calcutta
,rongbijoypur and madaripur are not too surprise, but those
who kew
her family history only after 1969, it is a different
বৈতরণী পার হতে আ'লীগ
কওমী মাদ্রাসার সঙ্গে
সম্পর্ক করছে      |
রাজনীতি | Jugantor


নির্বাচনী বৈতরণী
পার হতে আ'লীগ কওমী
মাদ্রাসার সঙ্গে
সম্পর্ক করছে      | রা...
By  নির্বাচনী
বৈতরণী পার হতে
ক্ষমতাসীন আওয়ামী লীগ
সরকার কওমী মাদ্রাসার
সঙ্গে সম্পর্ক করছে বলে
অভিযোগ করেছেন


Posted by: ANISUR RAHMAN <>

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