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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Chemical weapon attacks are carried by whom? Who benefits from it?

<<Once again, the United States has unilaterally appointed itself the world's policeman. The double standard that allows the United States to intervene arbitrarily, where other states may not, has again been employed. "Mission creep," or the gradual slide from military intervention to regime change to nation building, which marked Bush's Afghani and Iraqi policies, again looms large in Syria and, just as with his predecessor, Trump has no exit strategy. In fact, he has no strategy at all. A single strike is neither a "proportional response" (whatever that means) nor a tactic that will affect Assad's conduct. If anything, it will strengthen the Syrian president's bonds with Iran and drive a wedge between Putin and Trump. Indeed, this doesn't bode well.

Trump's right-wing populist rhetoric has already alienated leaders of the European Union like Angela Merkel, and his recent meeting with the Chinese president, Xi Peng, has not decreased tensions. Trump's perverse version of Disraeli's "splendid isolation" is anything but splendid. His few remaining friends in the Middle East include Israel plus the authoritarian and deeply reactionary Sunni nations like Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and the Syrian rebels. No less than ISIS, indeed, the latter poses a genuine danger to the Alawites, Christians, Shia, and other groups (now protected by Assad) whose interests demand recognition in any new Syrian state. Trump's action privileges deposing the Syrian tyrant over battling ISIS, whose own barbarian agents have butchered about 200,000 people while engineering countless terror attacks in Europe and the United States. Shia states and organizations have been the most effective forces fighting ISIS and, given the rivalries within the Sunni opposition, a new Syrian civil war is a distinct possibility after this one ends. >>

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Trump's Syrian attack is just a message against use of biological weapons against civilians, nothing else. This message was necessary but, Obama did not send. Trump had to clarify his position on the use of biological weapons. It was not intended to remove Assad. Trump do not want to remove Assad, because there is no alternative to Assad at this point.  I believe, Assad's fate will be determined by his future acts.

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Not Assad! Should Trump create another Iraq that he promised not to do? Have neocons finally taken over Trump?


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