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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Re: {NA Bangladeshi Community} Re: : [mukto-mona] Re: Shafi of Hefojat Islam - contradicting tradition

those who think Islam evolved during lifetime prophet are agreeing to with atheist in denying devine guidence. It is interesting to some who will lie about their identity to live in nonmuslime are judging on islam; Hypocrisy should have limits, too.  

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 11:43 AM, Rezaul Karim <> wrote:

 পুরোপুরি একমত, জইনুল ভাই। 
আল্লাহ সকলকে ইসলাম বুঝবার এবং মেনে চলার তউফিক দিক। আমিন।

On Apr 22, 2017 2:13 PM, "zainul abedin" <> wrote:

Please leave these people to their wishful interpretation of Islam, Quoran. Everybody (if we claim to be Muslim) needs to understand Quoran/Islam from the prophets (SM/AS) lives and interpretation. I saw/understood these people and stopped responding to them and their ignorance and nastiness! You tell them one time, two times, then leave them to Allah's Decision.

Kind regards,

Zainul Abedin

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 1:03 PM, 'M. Aleem' via North America Bangladeshi Community <> wrote:


You again prove that your knowledge level in Islam is poor or, you are a non-Muslim in faith... Islam went through a progression... I cannot stick to first 13 years only...  If I do, then I don't have to pray 5 times a day... etc... It completed in a course of 23 years... and we are supposed to look at the complete form, not how it was in Makka only. Will you drink alcohol now and say it was valid till this time... blah blah.

Anyway, what you and your cohorts are trying to find and use for your purpose of so called secularism is primarily Makki sura's of Muslim's situation in first 13 years ... That's not correct... There was no chance that a procession like the Mongol Shovajatra or what happened to the Canteen in Charukala happen in front of Prophet's Medina period and he would have recited Sura Kaafirun...  If you understand, you will from here; otherwise, you keep trying your futile efforts to make others understand the Qur'an from your explanation.  

I live in a "so called" secular society... do they shun pork items of food in parties because I am invited and present there? Does it happen in India? Just don't throw your theoretical ideas of secularism... show me by practical examples from India or USA. Those are two biggest democratic and "so-called secular countries. I cannot imagine that Hindus of Shrewsbury, MA will go and attack  restaurants here  for  selling and cooking beef. Why did they do it in Dhaka? They are now close to the Govt Power, and India next door supporting this illegal Govt. No one forced Hindus to eat beef in Bangladesh. They are making this an issue to dominate over Muslims, showing their power. That is not secularism. It's just dominance of Hindu power in Bangladesh, by Indian backing.


On Saturday, April 22, 2017 1:34 PM, Khoniker Othithee <> wrote:

So, if you think first 11 years ,Almighty didnt guide Prophet in the right direction, then I have to ask if you are  Sunni, wgabi  or Shia.  Because a Muslim will disagree with you. Dismissive of his first 11 is very much unIslamic. Just because of few followers doesn't make it a wrong practice. Those who love Islam for it's victories in battle and not for its  peaceful ways has 💓 in wrong place, if not in gutter. A true muslims will differentiate themselves from kafir, for 

Can you tell me, why muslims use lunar calendar of moon worshipers and use crescent as the logo. Because tolerance of or using  incocuous symbols and practices are not unIslamic, as many sunni ,Shia , whabi and leonians believes. They are off shoots if Muslims, who find first 11 years of peaceful Islamic preaching as insignificant in the religion. They believe religion  send to build largest army of warrior to win; that sound awful like kafir defined in Islamic history.
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On Fri, 4/21/17, M Aleem <> wrote:

Subject: Re: : [mukto-mona] Re: Shafi of Hefojat Islam - contradicting tradition
Date: Friday, April 21, 2017, 10:26 PM

These "Ogadh Islami Gayan dhari" persons
(namhin KO and bua beti) like to tie 130M Muslims of BD to
the plight of Muslims of first 13 years of the Prophet...
Like to see them in helpless, and powerless situation...
It is not difficult to understand their
motive... They do not want to see Muslims with the Status of
winners that the Prophet had in his Madina life till his
death, being a powerful ruler with head up... They like to
see Muslims as servants of Hindu Jaminders. A trend has
started back in a Muslim majority country and some of these
Gayan paapee are singing in support in the name of

These same people do not talk about
secular India... Secular India is being ruled by Hindutva
Modi and Yogesh and that is not a problem to them at all...
minority rights are being violated daily there and that is
not any issue, not any fundamentalism. They only find
problems in Bangladesh.

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On Apr 21, 2017 5:48 PM, Khoniker
> You don't know that first 13 years
he less Tha 30 followers, that including women. He never
carried sword, atleaSt the first 12 years, if a katmullah is
your source of enlightened, then it doesn't matter how well
educated you are, your outlook is as narrow as your guru.
the bangla adge , mullar dour mosjid porjontow' ., Sums up
the short comings inflicting many.
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> On Fri, 4/21/17, Razzak Syed
> Subject: Re: : [mukto-mona] Re:
Shafi of Hefojat Islam - contradicting tradition
> To: "Khoniker Othithee" <>

> Date: Friday, April 21, 2017, 5:35
> KO,Stop bloody your lies,
> people in the forum are well
educated and well aware of
> Islamic history. Your following
statement shows your lack of
> knowledge, even Pope will condemn
your false
> propaganda.
> "When jihad was first coined? I
haven't found
> yet that Prophet (PUBH ) direct
Jihad, he was preacher who
> didn't carry any sword/weapons. In
the first
> decade, there was no record or
claim of  battle or
> jihad to spread Islam that
> period."
> Razzak A. Syed
> Sent from my iPhone
> On 22 Apr 2017, at 5:04 am,
Khoniker Othithee <>

> wrote:
> When jihad was first
> coined? I haven't found yet that
Prophet (PUBH ) direct
> Jihad, he was preacher who didn't
carry any
> sword/weapons. In the first
decade, there was no record or
> claim of  battle or jihad to
spread Islam that period.

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Posted by: Khoniker Othithee <>

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