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Sunday, May 28, 2017

[mukto-mona] [CTI] Fw: A world moral revolution is a must

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After deep thought over a long time, I feel a moral revolution in the world has become a necessity.


The world is now full of killings by individuals and state actors.


There is sexual anarchy,rapes, break down of family, financial  corruption, bank looting,business morality does not exist.


There are occupation of territories, depriving people from freedom of their land, illegal forcible settlements.There is no end to unethical conduct.


The needed moral revolution must be led by religions of the world who believe in morality and justice.


Muslims of the world have bigger duty as they believe that Quran is the revealed book which has not been changed.


Quran has emphasized moral behavior in all respects and to all in  hundreds of verses.Quran has prescribed justice to all in about 50 verses.


So the duty of the Muslims is more.I ask all to send it to all religious organizations of the world.


shah abdul hannan

Social thinker and writer, also moral activist.


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