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Monday, May 29, 2017

[mukto-mona] Fw: {PFC-Friends} Is India Restaging ‘Sikkim Saga’ in Bangladesh?

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Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Is India Restaging 'Sikkim Saga' in Bangladesh?

No religion can withstand scientific scrutiny or rational thinking.  Having said that, Monotheism has greater intellectual appeal compared to Polytheism. Monotheism is an evolutionary process from Polytheism -- as people got greater intellect through knowledge and thinking.  It is only Hinduism that still clings to Idolatry (Polytheism).  Religion started with idolatry -- has come a long way -- except for Hindus and other non-believers.  It is hard to swallow that a clay idol could possess Divine Power -- or, that a cow, a snake, or a monkey can have god-like status.  Very Recently, Six lawyers in Agra petitioned a local court. Their court brief claimed that the Taj Mahal is where Radha and Krishna are buried -- should be given to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad -- and that Shahjahan and Mumtaz are nothing but Muslim Hoax (Think Donald Trump).  Hindu religion is nothing but mythology (many educated Hindus believe).  There are 330 crore gods and godesses in Hinduism.  If Babri Masjid can be claimed (and accepted by a Hindu Court) as Ram Janmobhumi -- each and every Muslim Household and Mosque can similarly be claimed as a birth place of some Hindu god or godess.  What then, happens to India's secular constitution?  Allah knows best.


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Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2017 11:55 PM
Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Is India Restaging 'Sikkim Saga' in Bangladesh?

The meaning of the word koran is dictation.
For first 12 years, Prophet preached peace, he unequivocally in more than 10+ surahs said, freedom of beliefs is must for Islam. The following 11 year, he did entered into negotiations with more than 100 warring tribes of  kafirs to bring them into  Into the tent of Islam. There after,  no new surah mandated freedom of beliefs, as in the aforementioned  surahs. Now , very large number of muslims find  unislamic to bring those up. For them real Islam is when kafirs joined Islam. Like kafirs they look down on different beliefs, and dismiss the surahs that mandate freedom of beliefs. With aligning to kakir position , these surah  fell to waysides​. Islam is not a torjan horse for super kafir tribe. They claim to have explanation for their arguments, but can Allah(SWL) or Prophet  repeatedly wrong or at loss of word to  say His position in simple terms, I don't think so, it is those who are essentially putting words in the mouth of prophet are wrong. Islam didn't come to create a super karfir tribe by bring them to work together for their practices under the flag of Islam. If I have to error, I will do so on side of prophet before kafir joined.
Prophet neither held any swords, untill he was more 50 years old,nor fought any battles. Sword fighting is a skill that's hard to learn after twenties. But the draft by supposedly convert from kafir, has some fantastic story of his battle victories..

The Koran was first drafted in the book form, a year after his death. And only after mysterious death of 15 of his close disciples from 3O disciple  he had in first 12 years of his preaching. If he wanted that in a book form that we have now today , he was perfectly capable  of arranging that. He did mentioned that his preaching will be distorted, so refused to appoint any heir to his  rule, inspite several  pleading from Omar. Because , he found out Omar and many others are lying about his preaching , and keeping him in the dark.

Muslims  and jews are from same pool of genes , so are Christians and Hindus. It's those kafir lurking among us , or those who are smitten by story of battle victories. Like kafir they consumed by hatred for people of different beliefs. For that they are willing to bring down  people with Islam, too. Now it is for Muslim to sort out if the 10+ surahs which mandate freedom of believes and not to lookdown for their beliefs , are very important surahs or not.

The leaders of Muslins are not from educated class, with few exceptions, they dominate the educated class. Kamal atruk of turkey was only one in 100 years, who had the vision. Saudi Arabia royal undone his contributions, to make the matters worse they got petrodollars  to get West  help them with  their plan pop. Had West not helped Iranian monarchy destroy democracy there , it would have been a different story today.


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