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Saturday, May 13, 2017

[mukto-mona] How the Bengali chotalok shaped India’s destiny

Following is a great and informative article indeed. My thanks and salute to the author, Dr. A. K. Biswas. It is a must read article for people who love their motherland or ancestral land of East Bengal, which constitutes most of Bangladesh today.
Let me note that a terrible tragedy of the related history of the Indian subcontinent was that J. N. Mandal failed to see that Pakistan was not for emancipating any kind of people when he decided to join that country. For the short term, it was for unfair advantage for the Muslims that were not into educating themselves for competing in a modern world. For the long-term it was for an Islamic nation of inhumanity. (Islam is no emancipation for Muslims either; rational humanism is what would emancipate people who call themselves Muslims today. Obviously that would change their identity from Muslim to Human.)


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