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Sunday, July 2, 2017

[mukto-mona] Re: Fw: {PFC-Friends} Is India Restaging ‘Sikkim Saga’ in Bangladesh?

"Hazrat Shah Neamatullah has also predicted the re-unification of India, but with a caveat..... under Muslim rule ... or so I have heard."   ;; Javed Helali :

Who is this  so called prophet by the name Shah Neamatullah, who;s prophecies makes you so confident about the future. If you have seen future tell us more about it.  

On Sunday, July 2, 2017 8:34 PM, DeEldar <> wrote:

Persecution of Bangladeshi Hindus is not new. Muslim majority countries habitually cleanse its minority population. The phenomenon is rather global. No wonder why Israelis are expanding their empire.

If for some reason, some thousand Hindus are suddenly driven out from Bangladesh, a heavy price will have to be paid by Bangladeshi Muslims and its government. Chitagong Hill tracts region will secede and India would declare a safe zone area for the Hindus in Bangladesh. Would Bangladesh dare to fight insurgents for next two decades like Srilankans did with Tamils? Good luck! 

Rohinga Bangladeshis would be pushed towards Bangladesh from Burma. What are you going to do? Start a new jihad? Don't underestimate Hindus in Bangladesh! They know exact location of Bangladeshi jugular vein. They can make your life more miserable if they really want. I would suggest you not to take that route. There are more Bangladeshi Muslims live in India than Hindus in Bangladesh. Think about it! If you want to be another Pakistan in eastern frontier, you will be treated as such with no mercy.

On Sun, Jul 2, 2017 at 4:51 PM, Mohammed Shoaib <> wrote:
India has deployed one soldier for every ten Kashmiris.  And yet, can not fight stone-throwing children to victory!  Good luck against China or Pakistan.  It's always the man behind the gun that really matters.  The soldiers fighting in Kashmir are the descendants of the soldiers who surrendered/retreated in Sino-Indian War (1962).  There is nothing to suggest that their gene pool has turned any more "Martial".  China is still in occupation of about 30,000 Sq.Miles of India-Occupied Kashmir.  Instead of raping, killing, burning innocent Kashmiri men, women and children -- they ought to focus their guns elsewhere to recoup territory lost to China. For about 40 long years -- India has been trying to make an indigenous Fighter Jet (Tej).  While the name may be inspiring -- Tej has yet to see the "Daylight".  So much for your vaunted leap skyward.

Now, more to the point, coming closer to home.  If I were a Bangladeshi-Hindu, instead of comparing the benefits of urine (Cow vs. Camel) -- I would lead a delegation of prominent Hindus to speak to the Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka.  I would persuade and convince him that the current mob-lynchings of Muslims in India creates a very toxic and vicious environment for Bangladeshi Hindus.  But if I cheer Murderous Modi and his fanatic Hindu Thugs -- a day will come when I will be lynched in Shonar Bangla when others will cheer.  This is called, "Vaghobaner Bicher".  Just think of Biharis in 1971.  Best wishes.


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Subject: Re: Fw: {PFC-Friends} Is India Restaging 'Sikkim Saga' in Bangladesh?

While Tibet issue is still burning, China would not dare to go for another war with India. If Dalailama opts for violence in Tibet, China would not be able to contain the violence from these fearless Tibetians. It knows India would never hesitate to push the nuclear button if it feels threatened. Indian mentality is not the same as it was in 1962 as the new Chankya gang is in power. If the country can successfully send the Mars probe to its right place with a single try, it can deliver the real goods to Chinese premier's residence with far more accurate precision. So, the simple message for the Chinks is not to fuk around with the Indians but to deal with its rather smaller weaker neighbors. I understand that many Islamist want China to take over the world as if that would help any Muslim cause? US/UK did not deliver anything to Muslim nations and they think China will?? What an idiocy!

Even smaller Vietnam troubled China in 1979 ( blog/the-buzz/27-days-hell- when-china-vietnam-went-war- 19596) by handing it a defeat to its 'superior' red army! . China wanted to teach a lesson to Vietnam but instead learned a lesson from that disastrous adventure.  

On Sat, Jul 1, 2017 at 9:48 PM, Khoniker Othithee <> wrote:
In 1962 war both, India and China had comparable in terms technology but China had edge in number. In 1965, then Pak had few more advance fleet than what India had; so had some early success. But that would have changed, if Shastri , then Indian PM Shastri was a humble but sophisticated man, who took city bus to his inauguration ceremony​ as PM; he didn't see any glory worth the loss of large Innocent civilians , almost all great mind in the history of mankind would have share his views.

In 1967 Arab Israel , with smaller Miltrary overwhelmed much larger army of Arab Army, not because they are warrior, but because of the high end Air force with Mirage , which which kept Egypt , Syria and Jordan on the ground.

The today, centuries of battle history doesn't account for anything any more. US has very big edge in sky, all because of AWACS (Airborne Warning And Command Systems). It helped US in  gulf wars. In one scenario, they shoot down 80 Soviet high end fighter plane without losing  a single plane; all because, not so much for their superior pilot or plane but for Awacs. What Russia has today doesn't quite match, because it is land based. That takes days to get in place when AWACS in hours.

China reportedly has some new technology that may offset many US technologies, that is not likely to happen in next decade.

If India can get many Awacs, even a scale down then China will shy away from sny major dumb headed adventurism. More over china govt is not so much for cheap glory, because of it's size , they feel self assured unlike Putin Russia. What it is doing, it keeping India busy fighting it's citizens in North East. North Indian treat them as from inferior race, just Pakistani just like did to bengali. Also using their economy, investing 40 billion in India. That will make hard for India politicians go too far with hostility without paying big price.

So, it is futile to bring centuries old battle history to predict future wars. Though fools may it entertaining  when they don't have going.


Posted by: Khoniker Othithee <>

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