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Saturday, July 15, 2017

[mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Isis persecution of Christians not justified by Prophet Mohammed's teachings, says study

Great 2 links sophisticated Muslim will find helpful in understanding and weeding out noises.

Allat PROHETS last wish denied by omar.

when refused to record it and Omar also, found to be lying behind Him ( check with RC52@.…

(Can Prophet be important than Sharia)
Boko haram,, IS, Alkeda and jamate/ hefajote are, not permitted by Prophet and Almighty, but permitted by Sharia laws and so called kinder soul, Calipah Omar. He was so kind, that he was all set to slaughter Prophet , when learned about Prophet's peaceful preaching. Had it not for his sister and her husband , who knows how that would have ended. Some defend him over Prophet, even when they find out he refused to grant Prophets wish in dead bed, and had it recoded in writings.

How many times Prophet was over ruled by Omar, starting with Haj. Haj was the practice of Kafir, from many centuries earlier than Islam. We are sure , prophet did skip or didn't participate and was in Medina, praying with Jews.

If haj is so important then why Almighty didn't guide him to haj , that time. Kafir were referred to those who worship kaba as mother God, every their mother god gave birth to their lesser god, haj was celebration of those symbolic birth. Black stone was encased in female gender (vulva) shaped like, that many haji kisses, Some say it is eye shape, but Prophet didn't care for it Omar did and claimed great benefits in it,. So didn't let Prophet destroy it. Hindu religion, has similar for male and female (lingo). Some hindu believes , present day hindu belief is confluence of many ancient small religion, one such came from Mecca, ancient quresh ( kur), they landed in Sindh, and made Thata as their first base, as they spread thought subcontinent, referred as thakur ( Qur from Thata) and name the religion Hindu ( derived from Sindh,). It is only conjecture, but some Hindu believe it. If true, then some hindu scripts has origin in mukkah as with Islam.

Omar made sure, his confedant ( also body gaurd and cousin) Uthan next in line of for calipah, not what Prophet was proposing.

Omar preached his beheading of his nemesis as act of kindness in Kafir cultures, when Prophet didn't do that kafari kindess, but did mock execution , probably when Omar others like him insisted, to make palatable to many not so sophisticated of some justification of their brutalities. They claimed, only Prophet can pardon, they have to carryout the cruelties in the name kindness and peace /Islam ( that explains why jihdai killing children and innocent, because they believe ,Almighty will not accept anything short of that, as Omar preached). Today many muslims mistakenly find kafari kindess of butchering as holy act. Fortunately sensible muslims don't find it to so, unless evil get upper hand , in many ways, like money, propoganda, education , power and etc.

Omar thought Prophet had great pursuation knack and message, because his sister and brother inlaw, who were hard core Kafir , got converted. He saw that as oppurtunity to be part of bigger rein in his lifetime and later, because then Islam was new religion. He had soft spot for haj , so for him to açcept Islam is not an issue, if haj is a part, given Islam can bring his nemesis from other denomination of kafir with lower status to build a bigger tent. He was successful in his ultimate ambition of becoming powerful ruler. Almighty had the last say on his fate, he got killed by his slave, he died begging for mercy. Before he died, he did successfully embed some kafir mantra, like hating of Jews, treating his act of beheading as kindess. The holy Book we see today didn't exist in this form. Though it has many original versus, but conflicting verses proves that I d not all of it. Omar wanted some say in what goes in the final draft, and want it taken as Almighty's word. IS, jamat, boka,Muslim brotherhood and Alkeda are bigger fan of omar , than of Prohet,. Shariatee laws are the tricks.But the biggest reason, his long rule followed by his lackey calipah Uthan. They masqueraded as Muslim, to become force of violence for larger group , piggybacking on islam. They recognized the future of Islam, and determined to spread their Kafir ways , and be taken as fi tum from Almighty.

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Subject: Re: {PFC-Friends} Isis persecution of Christians not justified by Prophet Mohammed's teachings, says study
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Date: Saturday, July 15, 2017, 11:17 PM

and thanks, Karim Bhai, for sharing with
(IS) and their activities are bad but no doubt but there are
many fake news (there was a report on US-UK collaboration to
create fake news) as DT also says (right or
Zainul Abedin

On Saturday, July 15,
2017 8:35 PM, Rezaul Karim <>
news/world/middle-east/isis- christian-islam-muslim-
prophet-mohammed-study- a6932021.html?cmpid=facebook-


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