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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

[mukto-mona] Seeking Kidney Donor for Dr. Hashem [1 Attachment]

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Dr. Abul Hashem

"Seeking Kidney Donor for Dr. Hashem"
Dr. Abul Hashem is a dental doctor in Los Angeles, a distinguished community leader of greater Los Angeles area and beyond, a Charity activities coordinator serving many needy people locally as well as globally through BUFLA Charity during the last several years. Dr. Hashem has served as Uttoron President and BUFLA-President and he has also played a key role as the first President of BUFLA to establish Little Bangladesh in Los Angeles. He has also taken a leading role in fund raising that lead to the establishment of a Masjid for the Bangladesh community in Los Angeles. He also introduced the big flag of Bangladesh in front of the Bangladesh Day Parade, he added the Shahid Minar and National Monument in the parade this year as the second term BUFLA-President, and he also decorated the entire parade route light posts with banners of Bangladeshi National symbols like Royal Bengal tiger and other specials. Dr. Hashem is a person of distinguished personality with a very high level of work-ethics, personal integrity and creativity. He is a very kind husband, a loving father of 3 talented daughters, a great community friend and a wonderful human being.
Unfortunately Dr. Hashem's both kidneys are not functioning properly at this time and as such he is going through dialysis on a daily basis. He is in desperate need of a functioning kidney. So, Dr. Hashem is desperately looking for a Kidney donor and is anxiously waiting for a generous Kidney donor. The blood group of Dr. Hashem is A+, however, it is not a requirement for the Kidney donor to have this blood group. Persons of other blood groups will also be able to donate the Kidney for Dr. Hashem.
Any person who is willing to donate a kidney for Dr. Hashem and to help him in this critical situation is earnestly requested to please contact him directly at: Dr Abul Hashem (Los Angeles),   phone # 213-200-0984.


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