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Friday, July 18, 2008

[mukto-mona] Transit to India

7 Reasons Why Bangladesh Should Never Allow Transit to India

Thursday July 17 2008 12:42:57 PM BDT

By Abid Bahar, Canada

The issue is, the CTG is not an elected government and transit is an issue related to sovereignty, security and economic factors. The News Today Monday July 14 2008 reported: "The [CTG] government earlier was sympathetic about the transit issue. It was in a mood to propose to India to conduct a feasibility study on the rail transit but the Indian High Commissioner''s public statement on this sensitive issue has forced the government to change its earlier position" the source said. Why should CTG show interest in it is question repeatedly asked in Bangladesh!

Why Bangladesh should never allow transit to India. Here are the reasons:

1. India has proven itself as an untrustworthy friend. During the liberation war, while helping Bangladesh liberation, it secretly built the Farakka dam. "Farakka was commissioned on permission from Mujib on the condition that it will have test run for only 40 days. But unfortunately those 40 days is yet to be finished (even after 37 years) and Bangladesh is getting the pinch of dry rivers. Further 54 other international waters were stopped by the friend of BAL making barrage/dams/ groins virtually making lower riparian country Bangladesh's rivers dry."

During Mujib time, the Rakkhi Bahini head was made an Indian. The jute head quarter was transferred to Delhi. With the Mujib -Indira Pact, river demarcation based on the mid current was made a farce. Bangladesh is losing land. It is now a serious problem. Mujib was persuaded to hand over the sovereignty of "BERUBARI" in return of "Tin Bigha."But Tin Bigha was never returned. A Berline wall was built in Bengal to so-called stop Bangladeshis cross the border. India jammed the Bangladesh TV. As a matter of target practice, India regularly kills Bangladeshi joans in the border region. Even before the investigation, India blames Bangladesh for terrorist actions within its borders.

"Due to sinking of several ships in Chittagong Port during Liberation War..., it was difficult to import ...essentials for war torn Bangladesh. Bangladesh requested India to just to allow using Calcutta Port for only six months in 1972. India refused the request." "Bangladesh wanted only 16 miles transit to pave for easy trade between two SAARC countries Bangladesh and Nepal." But it was refused. Now India wants 600 miles of corridor. Bangladesh should never allow transit to India.

2. Without the transit, India's seven non Indian sisters in the North East that now depend on Bangladesh for manufactured goods, but with transit, India will sell its own product to the region and Bangladesh will lose.

3. India doesn't want to allow Bangladesh to have land route with Nepal and Bhutan which is purely for trade purpose, India shows the excuse that it goes against its territorial integrity, using the same logic Bangladesh can not allow transit.

4. Financial benefit from transit fees would outweigh its other disadvantages. Bangladesh would risk destroying its own roads and highways, infect its citizens AIDS. Roads and highways will be neglected by the chauvinistic Indian traders and military personnel are passing through Bangladesh's heartland.

5. India is an unreliable keeper of promises. It failed to keep up to the signed treaties of Barubari/ Farakka. India first fix these problems than only trust building will lead to transit. RAW fed Indian chauvinistic government will never go for a fair deal because its sole purpose is to help Bangladesh into a failed state.

6. Transit through Bangladesh will allow India to increase its repression in its occupied North East. For such repression, Bangladesh suffered in the hand of Pakistan and now as a peace-loving country, it shouldn't allow India to increase its repression over its non Hindi/ largely Asian/ Christian and Buddhist minority people unfortunately made part of India. At the same time such a deal would make Indian separatists rebels make Bangladesh a target.

7. Indian treaties are politically motivated. While Mujib signed the Mujib-Indra Treaty 25 year treaty results in the beginning of trade deficit, water shortage, border issues dispute, and dependence on India resulting in the India friendly Mujib's unpopularity and within a short period of time made Bangladesh bankrupt, "the bottomless basket case" and brought his own death. If the past experience with India is a guide, it is believed that people in favor of transit to India are the ignorant India- lovers popularly known in Bangladesh as the "Indian Razakars" who are inviting trouble for Bangladesh. For such an issue we suggest for a national referendum. If people decide, let it be, if not, never!

Why the CTG to bother on the transit issue which the former two governments? It appears that the CTG was brought to power by groups aligned with foreign powers, one of them is India. The CTG brought to power through the excuse of anarchy. It seems it is showing its responsibility to its constituency-India.

It was through the AL led unrest and anarchy in late 2006-2007 that evaded the 90 days limit of the CTG duration. It appears that the CTG's corruption charges are not real but to have the minus 2 policy and to install a future Moin U military government! This is now evident in General Moin U receiving the Indian 7 horses.

As it appears, Bangladesh is infested with RAW agents and unrest in the cities and in tribal areas continues while countries like Vietnam and Singapore continues the pace of development.

 my reasons

1. has not proposed any water management agreement with the other river that india has chosen to dry up Bangladesh!

2. Bangladesh has not got the logistic to monitor this inflow BSF come into Bangladesh and murder BDR personnel

3. India does not allow Bangladesh media to be broad cast in to west-Bengal and other parts of India as they cite it is a security threat! Whilst the India media is looting our economy and instil various misinformation about Bangladesh. Our media is losing millions of USD

4. We will lose our industrial dominance in Assam.

5. India will undertake dumping practice which will harm our economy also ruining our industries at the same time whilst our industries lose their dominance in Assam.

6. due to 4 and 5 our economy will lose more then what is gained from this!

7. rebel groups which claim that they indigenous supported, funded and even armed by India. where as the actual truth is that they settled in Chittagong as early as 1600s noted by one of the moguls.... They are armed with Indian INSAS rifles!


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