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Monday, March 2, 2009

[ALOCHONA] Re:MBI Munshi and his Pakistan/ISI connection

Mr. MBI Munshi, you are trying to make your connection with Pakistan Defense Forum very innocent one but it is not. You are not a general member of Pakistan Defense Forum. Pakistan Defiance Forum, which runs by ISI, puts your membership as SENIOR MEMBER. Your involvement and contribution been awarded with the title of a Brigadier Geeral. Why Mr. Munshi? What you have done so good to defend Pakistan defense and its intelligence unit ISI to award you with prestigious rank of Brigadier?


I truly think your contribution on defending Pakistan is extraordinary (LA JAWAB). In less then two years with this forum from March 8th of 2007 your contributed Total Posts stands to 2,364 (TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR), (MURHABA ZANAB) One can easily understand how much you care defending Pakistan and defaming its enemies which off course includes Bangladesh.


Your enlistment with Pakistan Defense will go into its second anniversary in SIX more days (March 8th of 2007 to March 8th of 2009). What will be your rank? Are they going to give you the rank of Major General or you will get double promotion and become Lieutenant General for your tireless contribution defend Pakistan defense?


Dear readers, please check Pakistan Defense Forum for your self. Please follow the link or read it from copy pasted below.



Shamim Chowdhury

Maryland, USA


On 3/2/09, MBI Munshi <> wrote:

"Every reader must be aware of this MBI Munshi and his ISI/Pakistan defense connection. MBI Munshi works as SENIOR MEMBER of Pakistan Defense Forum. Please go to this link to know about his long Pakistan connection."

Thank you for this interesting observation Mr. Shamim Chowdhury but I am a member of several other defence forums including the Indian one but the banned me after a mere 20 posts because they cannot accept constructive criticism. It seems to be accepted by India you have to sell your soul which I believe you may already have done Mr. Chowdhury.   

On 3/2/09, Shamim Chowdhury <> wrote:

Every reader must be aware of this MBI Munshi and his ISI/Pakistan defense connection. MBI Munshi works as SENIOR MEMBER of Pakistan Defense Forum. Please go to this link to know about his long Pakistan connection.

Link: Once you take his background in consideration you will understand where his write up are paid from.



Shamim Chowdhury

Maryland, USA


As I have mentioned elsewhere I am a member of many forums one of
which includes the Pakistan Defence Forum. It is easily the most
popular and widely visited forum on the internet in relation to issues
concerned with defence matters. I am also a member of two Bangladesh
defence forums (where there is hardly any discussion) a Chinese forum
and an Indian one. I was banned from the IDF after only 20 posts as I
made consistent and constructive criticisms of Indian government
policy towards neighbouring countries. There are also dozens of
Bangladeshi members on the Pakistan Defence Forum and there is
absolutely nothing wrong in posting there and certainly does not
indicate I work for the ISI. Neither does putting up posts by
Salahuddin Ahmed Choudhury make me a MOSSAD agent. These accusations
are the rabid imaginings of a few narrow minds who find conspiracies
in any criticism of India. It seems that according to these people
mere suspicion of India automatically makes one an ISI/MOSSAD/CIA/MI6
agent which is completely absurd and akin to the ravings of a lunatic.

--- End forwarded message ---


Pakistan Defence
Pakistan Defence
Pakistan Defence

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  1. AgNoStIc MuSliM
    02-09-2009 02:36 PM - permalink
    AgNoStIc MuSliM
    Munshi sahib,

    Could you post a link for the existing thread that the 'Indian proxy war in Sri Lanka' needs to be merged with?
  2. dimension117
    02-08-2009 01:56 AM - permalink
    Lol u guys still trust the government. Thats good. Because I certainly have no hope in our government. Whatever has to be done has to be done by us: the people. The politicians are there for their own benefit.

    Weall have to unite under one banner and fight this information war face to face look into their eyes and be ready for their games. We are all Pakistanis and if an Indian is trying to spread propaganda it is our duty to protect our homeland. Thats the idea now.

    With 60 years of bullshit governance we have lost hope in our government.
  3. dimension117
    02-02-2009 01:01 AM - permalink
    I think the main problem for both countries is our weakness in information warfare and propaganda. The Indians are damned good in these areas. There is much we can learn from them.

    I agree with you completely. The way they have been able to sell their version and most recently even put the issue of Kashmir off the charts completely proves the power of their information warfare ...

    They continue to win diplomatic victory after victory and we continue to dwell in our own stupidity. And it hurts. I love my country and i know what india says about the terrorists being from pakistan is clearly a lie but the powerlessness and weakness and lack of nationalism shown by our people seems to rule everything. The worst ppl r ones who come in power here.

    We need nationalists. We need believers in the ideal of pakistani nationalism.
  4. dimension117
    01-28-2009 03:16 AM - permalink
    I would say the older generation has too much expectation of the younger one. They seem to be worse than the older one and much less patriotic. They forget their blood and their nation.
  5. dimension117
    01-27-2009 07:10 AM - permalink
    I think it has become more upon the people. The government has never done anything useful. If it had then we would be one and have the largest muslim population in the world and would be a power to be reckoned with. If that was done Pakistan would not be bullied by USA and India and Israel and have its people massacred by Indian sponsered terrorism in FATA Balochistan and Swat and Bangladesh would'nt have civilians and BDR men being killed every week by BSF forces and islands being occupied by them.

    Hopefully when i get time off a little more i will create a small forum for bangladeshi and pakistani unity. We are brothers. Pakistan-Bangladesh trade is at $350 million. F4 business community best way to increase contact will be increase in trade.

    But unity in other fields is most important. We need to stand united against RAW sponsered terror in our nations and raise our voice against it together as we are all major victims. U r an influential person my brother and can make a difference. The nationalist pakistanis r slowly gaining influence and maybe we will be able to affect government policy and direct it.

    The sort of policy change needed to however bring people of Bangladesh and Pakistan together can be done by a large grouping of individuals who r powerful and can affect the opinions and thought of people.
  6. dimension117
    01-25-2009 10:17 AM - permalink
    We need closer ties but the governments dont do anything useful in this regard.
  7. dimension117
    01-25-2009 10:17 AM - permalink
    Well i suspect ahmedsid may not be muslim at all...

    All the pakistanis ain't around cauz its the mumbai drama and the constant propaganda man. It has got us all reallll busy. I was up doing articles on it and stuff and videos and speeches and all. We hated what india did... pure propaganda done by indian hindu terrorists and indian intelligence and blamed on pakistan.

    I called on zaid and said i wanted to be in his team but he is not in contact at all. Hes more busy than me ofcourse cauz he has a bigger role. I am just very young and trying to run my own life and along with it be a good pakistani...

    In any case Indian terror must be stopped at all costs.
  8. dimension117
    01-24-2009 03:17 AM - permalink
    Where are u by the way? Long time no c mate?
  9. dimension117
    01-24-2009 03:16 AM - permalink
    MBI munshi dont lose hope. ahmedsid is actually a hindu terrorist acting like muslim. Ofcourse it is part of their media war to criticize and attack any individual who exposes the murder rape and torture brought to this entire world by indian terror.

    Indian terror has to be stopped at all costs and I am glad to have you as a brother in this war against Indian terror and oppression.
  10. Lockheed F-16
    01-22-2009 02:41 PM - permalink
    Lockheed F-16
    Hello dear friend,

    thanks for the invite!

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