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Saturday, October 24, 2009

[mukto-mona] FW: Constructive Criticism

Today, fundamentalists attacked the Islamic University of Islamabad, killing scores of innocent students. The reason? The University has decided to move away from strict Quranic Injunctions and thereby deciding to join the socalled 'moderate' club---a change that under Islamic Cannonical Laws, amounts to apostasy--punishable by death. By God, anyone who holds even a slight difference in interpretation of Islam---is a 'legitimate' target. Folks, We can no longer afford to ignore the extremists among us. It is fight for our soul; it is fight for our survival as civilized people; If we do not condemn them, we are condeming ourselves and our future generations! For example, our intellectual debate on the Internet is turning quite vitriolic and personal. Extremists are hell bent on disrupting the open ended civilized discourse. Constructive criticism is the hallmark of maturity and the catalyst for ultimate progress of human race. Why constructive criticism of Quran and Hadiths are not allowed by Muslims? What the Muslims are afraid of?  Why get angry and burn the embassy's around the world? I used to be a regular visitor to the ICNA, ISNA conventions in Washington Metropolitan Area. To my great dismay, I might add, to my great embarrassment, I saw extremists, disrupt sessions after sessions. A great American, Ramsey Clark, who more than any other American, helped the Muslims in America and around the world---was harassed and called a Kafir at the ISNA convention! They have the Right to Disagree, but do they have the Right to Disrupt and call even the Muslims Kafir? Why the Muslims do not join me condemning them in no uncertain term? My point simply is---How they can live in Kafir America, get paid by the Kafirs and call America 'Dar-ul-Harb? If your Hate is so strong, why do you live among the Kafirs? Dear Forum members----By constructive criticism of Islam, I mean, the Muslims should refrain from using such terms as Darul-Harb, Darul-Fitna, Darul Kafir and stop being righteous sanctimonious bores. Tell me honestly---Am I wrong for suggesting this? Due to the absence of self-criticism, combined with the absolute intolerance of constructive criticism---Muslims in today's Western world are being treated like terrorists, instead of assets in the fight against terrorism. 


Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 18:30:09 +0000
Subject: *~history**Islam~*** Asghar to Devdas: An emotional outpour!

Dear All,
The following letter from Mr. Asghar to Devdas is self-explanatory.
Mufassil Islam
Thanks Mr. Saif Devdas for your strong support. We need many more brave people like you to face the hateful Muslims headon.
This man claims to be a human right defender, yet he very strongly supports the teachings of the Quran, which is, actually, a manual of terror and the worst violator of human rights. It commands its followers to kill the Polytheists, Jews and the Christians, if they do not convert to Islam, as it is the only approved religion of Allah, or if they refuse to pay protection tax to the Muslim hyenas.
I wonder where is the United Nations' Human Rights Watchdogs? Don't they know what Islam stands for, and how its followers are determined to exterminate the non-Muslims from the face of the earth? Or have they closed their eyes and ears and letting the Muslims do what they want to do?
It is the lack of initiative on the part of the Human Rights Watchers that has been encouraging people like the Harvard educated one to threaten the true defenders of human rights. But I am not afraid; rather, I will be happy to die while still defending the rights of all the human beings that will enable them to live their lives according to their own choices. No amount of threats will be able to force me out of my mission.
 Mohammad Asghar

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