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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[mukto-mona] RE: [] ?

Dear Readers,

Let us be under no illusion, we are by no means suggesting that Bangladesh is one of the Utopian nations in grandma’s bedtime story. We have our share of shortcomings, which we should strive to improve. Mr. Stingshu Guha and some of his so-called minority rights group activists (AKA former rejects from East Pakistan/Bangladesh) started elicit and deliberate campaign against Muslims in Bangladesh. Mr. Guha is looking for odors elsewhere while he is totally submerged into septic tank. I like to call him a Greek Virgin who destroyed her rear while protecting the front. I suggest you turnaround and focus on your backyard India that has worst human rights record due to violent social crime such as rape. How about taking care of your daughters and sisters in India while we take care of your cousins in Bangladesh. Should I say take care of your “Ma” before your “Mashi”. Unlike your Hindustani faith, we the Muslims in Bangladesh believe in highest punishment for the rapist and perpetrators of rapes regardless ones faith, race, creed or color.  

I know your Hilsa fish for a nickel these days, and adapted Step Fathers in India are not really treating your Mama right. We are so sorry that you rare still are being treated as stinky (ungrateful) minority because that is what you really are. Try some loyalty for change. Please do not take it out on Bangladeshi.  

I hope do the right thing.


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Lately some unscrupulous HINDU STAAANI agents are leaving no stone unturned to mailgn Bangladeshis first as fundementalist/terrorist,secondly as a nation of Rapist. This is led by SHOE  HORROR  KUUUBIR n guho gong who are relentlessly pointing one or two stray incidents as a major characteristics on national basis.


No sane person of any religion can support such inhuman crime. But it apppears that the leader of Anti-Bangladesh campaign SHOE  HORROR  KUBIR n HINDU  STAAANI agent/doshors have made a vow to make Bangladeshis, a nation of Rapists n communal.


These blighter HINDU  STAAAANI  Dalals  do not speak or write anything when on an average 4000-5000 Dalit women are violated by their HINDU fathers( the high caste) everyday n millions are treated like animals by making them work 16-18 hours n keep them under Gherao with family.

Plus they(the HINDU  STAAANI  dalals) keep tight lipped when on an average 1200 communal riots takes place in their HINDU  STAAAN n their fathers BJP/Baraang/Shib Sena n other hindu fundementalist kill thousands of MUSLIMS/CHRISTIANS n others round the year.


There are several serious issues undermining HR of the poorer section n the tribals in the economically backward states n for that reason the suppressed n oppressed have taken up arms( in 22 out of 28 States) against the bestial rulers in N.Dillllllli who are termed by the political elites as terrorist Maoist/Naxals etc etc.


These HINDU STAAANI agents do not raise any voice when it is reported that every 7 minutes there is a rape in USA, 10 mintues  in Canada n so on n not to talk about other serious crimes like muder/robbery etc. Washington is the home town of the majority criminals. 


This means that they are out to destroy Bangladesh's image,sanctity, entity and sovereignty n lower the great

LAL  SABUJ PATAKA (like Beru Bari) earned by ocean of blood of 3 million martyrs.


Friends, these quislings n Paa Chata dalals n K. Jibis n pro HINDU   STAAANI politicians are having day dream since they could weigh the patriotism of the Bangladeshis.


Faruque Alamgir


On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Faruque Alamgir <> wrote:

How could we expect Guho to tell the name of the rapist since they belong to his beloved BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL.

Rape loot,arson,forcefully occupying the minorities land/Mandir are the main activities of Mr. Guho's BAAAL activists. If any honest ,sane n patriot Bangladeshi go through the News paper(including Raw owned P.alu/d.stor.Raw Konto etc) of last 9 months will find scores of such incidents n the main HOTAS ARE TE SONAR CHELEYS OF BB.

BAAAAL  can boast having hundreds of rapist/looters/mastans in all the institutions of the country. Bangladeshis have not forgotten the GREAT CENTIRIAN RAPIST "MANIk" OF JAHANGIRNAGAR UNIVERSITY who was rewarded by Hasi Apa by appointing him in Bangladesh embassy abroad. Plus there are several main bomarus like "Boma Imam(Hason Imam)/Boma Manik of Sunamganj.


I also echo the same with brother M.Rahman. Please come out truth please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Faruque Alamgir


On Sun, Oct 25, 2009 at 9:01 AM, <> wrote:


Mr Guha please disclose the political identity of that rapist.

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hindu women picked up and gang-raped while she was asleep with husband

The daily Manab Jameen, 18th Oct 2009: From our Sathiya Pabna Correspondent: Perpetrators picked up a Hindu woman while she was sleeping with her husband and gang-raped.  The victim is now fighting with her life at the hospital. Police informed last Friday that, six perpetrators wearing mask entered into the house of Sagar Das cutting tin shed of his house, forcefully picked up the women, 25 and raped her one after another at night at Madhupur Upazila. While Sagar Das was trying to resist, perpetrators chopped him and injured him seriously with sharp weapon.  They snatched and brought the victim at Taila Kupi open field and raped her. Later the victim was found unconscious and was sent to the Pabna Sadar Hospital. Husband lodge an FIR at Ataikulla police station. Police arrested two alleged perpetrators, Majed Ali Maza, 40 and Nur Mohammed, 35.






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