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Monday, October 19, 2009

Re: [ALOCHONA] Nethris and Ershad

Oh No! Nothing personal at all just a general inquiry! (honest). There are so many wannabee coxswains and potential gifts to the mankind (womenkind in particular) wandering about. Take a deep breath and look around! 


Since this is a family website I had to make a play with the word. Though, I admit a less nuanced word would not be too shocking to some of the wild creatures & shials alike who are denizens of this site.


Having said that our valiant but aging Coxswain might take offense at your characterization of his current status of his politcal or sexual libido. 


I do recall the incident of the editor of a local Bengali rag in the late 90s who thought  with the coxswain out of power he could safely write about the purchase of Viagra in london. Poor chap he was black & blue for months! Done in by a hatchet job.


Alas the old boy didnt find it too funny!   


PS - I do recommend to all prurient ones Bidisha Ershad's little tell all. Quite a remarkable tale!

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From: Ezajur Rahman
Sent: Oct 18, 2009 11:31 PM
Subject: [ALOCHONA] Nethris and Ershad


Hi Robin

Glad you found it funny too J

But don't tell me you think I'm a fan of Ershad the Coxswain! That's too funny!

Let me elucidate as to why I never mention him:

1.       He doesn't create noise and is hardly in the news.

2.       At the age of 80ish he is a political has been.

3.       After the last election he has little room to negotiate with anyone.

4.       His party lacks any potential in any real sense. His party will be decimated in the next election without him

5.       I can't remember the last time anyone wrote about Ershad on the net.

6.       Whatever ground he had has been washed away by his foolish personal life.

7.       His role in the continuing ruination of our political soul is over.

8.       His irresponsibility has made his wife and his brother his political successors.

9.       Just because I forget about him – as he is forgettable - doesn't mean I like him.

10.   Ershad is not primarily responsible for the condition of our political soul today.   

By all means please mention all the leaders of all political parties in Bangladesh whenever you want to.

However it is expedient and efficient to deal with, and be derisory about, the leaders of the ruling party and main opposition party.

So thanks. It was a very funny point about the concubines of Ershad – and a correct point.

Let us heap derision wherever it is deserved. Rather than keep silent because in Bangladesh silence is described as applause.

And if I should miss out on a washed 80 year old Ershad please do correct me. I stand corrected. Thank you.

After Hasina – Rehana. After Rehana – Joy. After Khaleda – Tareq. After Tareq – his wife.

Each shall get their fair portion of derision backed up by technically sound argument. Oh yeah! Let's not forget Ershad.

So the Foreign Minister came back gushing about good ties with India – and Deshis continue to be shot dead at the border!

But it is of some real consolation that Ershad, 18 years ago, couldn't have done any better.

Deshi politics! Ho Ho Ho!

Ezajur Rahman



Ezaj & Musa

Ho Ho Ho!

I am curious how did our studly netas handle their equally frequent visits to Holy land. Did the valiant Coxwain Ershad take his wives & concubines Can you elucidate or you didnt keep track because you feel the "Netris" are the only ones who should be the object of your derision.

Ho Ho Ho to you both!!!

Robin Khundkar

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From: Ezajur Rahman
Sent: Oct 18, 2009 12:31 AM
Subject: [ALOCHONA]


Dear Musa

Yes â€" it is hilarious isn’t it?

One Nethri has to take her partner secretly and the other Nethri couldn’t take her partner if she wanted to!

Man! Are you still laughing?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ezajur Rahman


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