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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[mukto-mona] Is Razakar a bad word? Please do not read if you have served as one!

Is Razakar a bad word? 

It depends who you ask. Some people are hypersensitive because they are possibly linked to the crimes of Razakars and still hoping for people to forget about their crimes and accept them as brothers.  Some criminals might have left the country after independence and sought political asylum as prosecuted Pakistani supporters to get their green cards. These criminals are even more allergic to this regular word. Once they hear the sound of word Razakar in the conversation, their ears get alerted like a dog. They get surprised because people have not forgotten after so many years after independence.

The funny thing is that despite having so many Razakars in 1971, you can hardly find any single "good" brave Razakar anymore. They just vanished like ghosts ever having to leave their towns and villages. Even, if you find one now, the person will almost likely to say that it is a mistaken identity and he was actually a Mukti around that time. He will show his Mukti certificate as a good citizen and you might feel ashamed for challenging that innocent looking fellow. 
If you care to dig little deeper, you might find that the 1971 war criminals have already been rehabilitated by one of our major parties. It did not take them long to get back to the power. Our great military dictator took them under his umbrella and the history was fast rewritten to portray these criminals as good and honorable people. Now, when they carry the badge of that party, they can call themselves as our true "Desh Premiks". Oddly enough that these criminals have the right to ask you whether you have been serving your country with true love and passion?  And, you might wonder how this could have happened to you and your dear country that fought to liberate?
Well blame yourself for your stupidity! Actually, the blunder was made right after the liberation war. Forgiving these criminals was OK but we should have insisted to have a stamp imprinted on these people' foreheads to make sure that they could be distinguished from a far distance. In that way, people could have easily avoided their stinky body odor in the communities for last 41 years. Now, you are always forced to put up with the smell and look for an emergency exit if you can find one in your community meeting room! 

With regards and regrets,

Shah. D

PS. Since, no Razakar is to be found alive, my sarcasm should not cause gall bladder pain to any friend or foe.
"All great truths begin as blasphemies." GBS


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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".
               -Beatrice Hall [pseudonym: S.G. Tallentyre], 190

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