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Thursday, June 21, 2012

[mukto-mona] A letter to mr. Abid Bahar regarding rohingyas and Jumma Indigenous Peoples

A letter to mr. Abid Bahar regarding rohingyas and Jumma Indigenous Peoples

Thursday June 21 2012 17:03:09 PM BDT

By Labani Khisa

It is good to hear from Mr Abid Bahar again. Actually I am just waiting to hear something from Mr. Bahar regarding the Rohingyas fleeing their Arkan State because he has a heartfelt support and sympathy for the cause of the Rohingyas' problems. Moreover, he earned a degree on writing of the Rohingyas problem. Now he feels pains that the Rohingyas are feeing again because of human rights violations committed by the local Buddhists and the Rohingyas.

I feel pain too for humanity reason though I am a Buddhist. But Mr. Bahar never felt pain when the Jumma Indigenous peoples feeing their homeland, the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT), because of human rights violations committed by the settlers in collaboration with the Bangladesh armed forces. He always opposes the rights of the CHT indigenous peoples. He always supports the cause of Kasmiris, Iraqies, Thai Muslims and wherever minority Muslims are struggling for their rights. This clearly indicates that Mr. Bahar is purely Muslim fundamentalist. He teaches humanities in a college in Canada. Humanity should be for all, not for only Muslims. The Canadian Government should keep an eye on this gentle man in case he spreads fundamentalism.

He blaming the AL Government for not allowing the Rohingyas to enter Bangladesh. He commented Sheikh Hasina as disliking Islam or Muslims and Dipu Moni as inexperience. The AL Government has a very good experience that what the Rohingyas did when they were allowed to enter Bangladesh in the past. Last Wednesday, the LGRD and Cooperatives Minister Syed Ashraful Islam said, "Bangladesh cannot open its border for religious extremists and rapists in the name of giving shelter to Rohingya refugees" On June 20, Barrister Harun Ur Rashid wrote in his article in the Daily Star, " Why are Rohingyas being refused entry into Bangladesh" that Rohingya refugees reportedly created a bad image of Bangladesh in the Middle East and most of the "Bangladeshis" who committed crimes in Saudi Arabia were Rohingyas with fake or forged Bangladesh passports. Mr Bahar should know that all these are very true facts.

Moreover, Bangladesh is now heavily overpopulated. To allow these Rohingyas entry into Bangladesh means another disaster for the country. Though we should consider them to enter Bangladesh for time being as a humanity reason, Mr. Bahar is thinking only his one sided way – the Rohingyas being Muslim or Muslim fundamentalist.

Mr. Bahar already learnt from different sources of newspapers that the Rohingyas raped a local woman which resulted into a sectarian violence. In our CHT case, the CHT Jumma Indigenous peoples never raped a Bangalee woman or Bangalee woman settlers but still they had to flee their homeland, the CHT, though the settlers frequently rape the Jumma Indigenous women. In recent months, many Jumma women including minor ones have been raped by the settlers and the law enforcers and there was press conference against these rapes in Dhaka two days back. The CHT Jumma Indigenous peoples need Mr. Bahar's voice and support to stop all these heinous acts committed by the perpetrators/settlers/law enforcers. At the same time we can raise voices for the Rohingyas who are struggling for their existence.

I have learnt from reliable sources that Mr. Bahar had a very close friend from the Chakma community in Canada. He used to visit the Chakma friend occasionally or when the Chakma friend invited him. But the moment Mr. Bahar reached home after his visit to his Chakma friend, he used to write articles against the Chakma community or the rights of the Jumma Indigenous peoples in different newspapers. Mr. Bahar, this is not a good thinking as a literate person. Think good for all human beings, particularly who are suffering for their human rights in different corners of the world and it will not be tit for tat for the Rohingyas

Labani Khisa

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