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Friday, July 27, 2012

[mukto-mona] Extra-Judicial Killings----need a deep look?

GoB position/actions with regard to extra-judicial killing


The government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is deeply committed in upholding human rights and the rule of law, including  for the right to life and security  of every citizen of Bangladesh as per its Constitutional and electoral pledge. It is in this spirit hat the present government has remained specially conscious of maintaining a 'zero tolerance' posture towards extra-judicial killings and have taken every measure to end the 'culture of impunity' within all law enforcement force and institutes higher and newer measures of accountability and human rights standards for every law enforcement members.


A close comparative analysis of the total arrests during the last 3 years of the BNP Government (2004-2006), the two years of the army backed Care-taker government(2007-2008) and the last three years of the Awami League government  would reveal two trends that bear evidence to the sincere efforts taken by the AL government to curb EJK. For example,  between 2004 and 2006, 340 people died of encounter killing which was 2.24% of the total arrests.  During the two years of the CTG, 206 people of total arrested (0.74%) died of EJK,  whereas during the AL government's last 3 years the number of EJK came down to 117 which is only 0.23% of the total arrested. We are least complacent and are determined to further reduce these numbers.


The other trend, is the unprecedented numbers of Law Enforcement members who have been brought under disciplinary actions during the last 3 years for any minor or major alleged incidents of violation of human rights or use of force during authorized duty.  In 2010-11, a total of 1429 such alleged offences by RAB were brought to full inquiry, trial and punishment of which 1327 were investigated and taken to administrative action by RAB, 392 by parent agencies and 12 by Criminal Courts. 525 such law enforces are currently under major imprisonment and 904 have been dismissed or given minor disciplinary actions.


This is a clear testimony to a successful end to the culture of impunity that were otherwise practiced by earlier administrations.  These were laboriously achieved by inter alia stringently and promptly enforcing investigations through judicial procedures prescribed in CrPC, Bangladesh Penal Code, and different Metropolitan Police Ordinances and the Rapid Action Battalion (Court and Departmental Proceedings) Regulation 2005. If any RAB member is proved to be responsible for any misdeed, they are likely to be imprisoned/dismissed from service (without benefit) and face the civil court for the offence. 



Beside these disciplinary measures an 'Internal Enquiry Cell' (IEC) has also been formed in January this year to ensure more code of conduct accountability of RAB members. We are happy to inform that the IEC of RAB has been formed with the support of US Embassy Technical Team in Dhaka. IEC works independently and directly under DG RAB. Main function IEC to enquire any complaint against RAB members raised by any citizen.


It is important to point out that the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Forces was created in 2003 by amending the Armed Police Battalions (Amendment) Act 2003 and the Armed Police Battalion Ordinance, 1979, by the National Parliament by the then BNP Government, in the wake of a sharp and unusual rise in extremist, terrorist acts and gangster or criminal networks and self-claimed local terrorist groups. It was created with a mandate of rapid and tougher law enforcing elements, counter-terrorist measure and robust rules of engagement thatn regular armed police forces.


In the course of time RAB has achieved significant successes in bringing many listed criminals, extremists, religious militants along with other lawbreakers into justice including Jamait-e-Mujahedeen Bangladesh(JMB), JMJB an example of counter-terrorism successes that no other country in South Asia other regions could replicate


Till to date (15 April 2012) RAB has brought a total of 1,18,332 religious militants, outlawed extremists, illegal drug dealers, money launderers and fake money dealers, women and child traffickers, kidnappers, armed criminals and other lawbreaker into justice and recovered 9,520 illegal arms and seized huge number of ammunitions, explosives and other harmful illegal materials.(Flag A)


RAB were thus forced to exchange fire, where necessary with appropriate means to defend public life and property and for self-defence as per the law of the land (as provided under Sections 96, 97, 99, 100, 103 and 106 of the Penal Code 1860 of Bangladesh). A total of 13 RAB members died and more than 200 incurred vital injuries during such exchange of fire incidences.


Fact sheet on EJK


The number of criminals arrested who died while exchange of fire with RAB since 2004 marks a sharp decline in the recent years, specially during the period of present government's last  two years  :


During BNP led Government

(From 2004 to


(Duration 3 Years)

During Caretaker Government

(From 28-10-2006 to 31-12-2008)

(Duration 2 Years)

During Awami League led Government

(From 01-01-2009

to 15-04-2012)

(Duration 3 Years and 4 months)

Number of criminals died during  exchange of fire between armed criminals and RAB members.








Disciplinary actions 2009-2012


Total No

of Offences

Action(s) Taken

Total Punishment

Tried by RAB

Tried by Criminal Court

Tried by Parent Org.

Awaiting Trial by RAB

Awaiting Trial by Criminal Court

Total Major/ Imprisonment

Total Minor









Flag A





Religious Militants(JMB, HUJI etc)


Outlawed Extremists


Listed Criminals


Armed Criminals




Illegal Drug Dealers




Money Launderis & fake note


Women & Child Abuse and Human Traffickers


Other Criminal including Robbers, Muggers, Warrantee Criminal etc.





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