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Saturday, July 14, 2012

RE: [mukto-mona] Who is behind this?

Excellent analysis of the Padma Bridge loan cancellation by World Bank (WB), courtesy of Shamim Chowdhury! I completely agree with his analysis.

What puzzles me is – why Awami League is not articulating these points to dispel the claim of the BNP that WB canceled the loan due to government corruptions.

Anybody with a little intellectual ability can find out that corruption charge is just an excuse. There is something else behind this decision. Yesterday one of my relative, just came back from Bangladesh after a brief visit, told me that Awami league is losing ground because of the loan cancellation. I told him that – are you saying World Bank did not know about the corruption issue in Bangladesh before approving the loan, and they just found out corruption issue now. Bangladesh has been at the top of the most corrupt country in the world for many years. Why now it's suddenly an issue? The real issue is the hidden agenda behind this decision, and Awami League should be able to articulat it, just like Shamin Chowdhury. Could it be that Awami-politicians are mostly bunch of dumies? It's so disappointing to see where the country is heading, and it's all because of dumbness of the politicians as well as the naivety of the people of Bangladesh, who are getting swept by the misinformation campaign of the BNP.  
Jiten Roy

--- On Fri, 7/13/12, Farida Majid <> wrote:

From: Farida Majid <>
Subject: RE: [mukto-mona] Who is behind this?
Date: Friday, July 13, 2012, 7:16 PM

  I am forwarding an article by Shamim Chowdhury, courtsey ALAPON.

Shamim Chowdhury <>
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 10:31 AM
Subject: [Alapon] WB's Padma Bridge loan termination: In search of third element

What prompted World Bank's outgoing President Robert Zoellick to cancel its $1.2 billion dollar loan for Padma Multipurpose Bridge project just couple of days before his departure as WB President is anyone's guess. This was the single largest project World Bank awarded for the infrastructure development in Bangladesh. Why Zoellick had to cancel the loan so hurriedly and not wait for his successor Dr Jim Yong Kim to make this immense decision which will impact an entire nation and its development is mysterious. Having Padma Bridge implemented will not just bring unrestraint multidimensional potential for Bangladesh but for the entire region as well.
World Bank's regrettable decision distress the entire Bangladesh. Construction of Padma Bridge was essential for millions of people for their economical emancipation. Not having the bridge means thirty million people will have no connectivity which will prevent them from timely and effective access to medical care, education, and will hinder mobility and economic activity. The proportion of the population below the poverty line in the south west region is about 5% higher than the national average. This is primarily due to lack of connectivity, the region economically lagged behind the rest of the country. World Bank's decision will increase the risk of broaden poverty to higher number for the population of south west region of Bangladesh as well as entire Bangladesh.
It is not an easy equation to put in the picture on what actually happened behind the curtains of the World Bank ivory tower but one can assert that the decision was not based on pure economics or charges of corruption only but politics, politics and politics.

Is WB's Padma Bridge loan cancellation signals One Eleven reenactment?

Is WB's Padma Bridge loan cancellation has anything to do with China encircle policy?

Hence this article is to become aware of if there are any political prospective to World Bank decision on canceling the Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project. We already talked about corruption, not meeting the demands of donor agency World Bank and many other angles, some of which may have teeth. But are those assertions are the ultimate and only truth why World Bank cancelled funding of such important project which will play game changer role for millions of people of Bangladesh ? Or perhaps there are truths behind the truth and the assertion was the ground to knock us out. Is this could be another reenactment of iniquitous rejected One Eleven or have connection to China encircle policy? This article therefore is in search of third angel

A bank which was created in the year 1944 for the reconstruction of war-torn Europe was later re-engineered to tailor poor countries economical development. However a bank named as big as World Bank with hundred and eighty eight member country is tightly ruled by United States of America from the day one to till the date.  World Bank's leadership remained in the hands of US President who hand picks a successor from his political point of view. Similarly its twin IMF remained under control of European power. The World Bank's traditional role has been to finance projects that foster economic development, whereas the I.M.F.'s goal is to safeguard the global monetary system. Unfortunately, both the institution's policies are heavily influenced by political doctrine of the west especially United States of America. Therefore, the fate of the poor country's development and their monetary system is more likely to depend on the development of their governments' relation to those western power houses.
Regrettably Bangladesh an enduring friend of the United States has faced a mounting encounter with US administration especially with its Secretary of State Rodham Hillary Clinton since firing of her family friend Nobel laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus as Managing Director of Grameen Bank by Bangladesh government. US administration did not conceal their dissatisfaction over Dr. Yunus impasse but openly acknowledged that it will impact US-Bangladesh relation if Dr. Yunus is not reinstated to his position or the position to his choice which Bangladesh government turn down on the basis of the law of the land which bars anyone holding the position over the age of sixty five under the GB employee rules and regulation. However, U.S. and its allies continued to pressure Bangladesh to re-adjust the law or make special consideration for the sake of Dr Yunus.
Too many U.S. administration official visited Bangladesh with just this sole agenda to reinstate Dr. Yunus, finally it came from the horse's mouth when U.S. Secretary of State visited Bangladesh months ago. Her sudden visit to Bangladesh was not an anticipated one but troublesome for the administration. Talk shows and commentary in news media was filled with gossip before and after her visit that she might have come to rescue her friend Dr. Yunus and put pressure on Bangladesh government to bow down.
Why did she have to do that? Why Secretary of the State has to go that length to reinstate Dr. Yunus. Is it just because of personal friendship or beyond that!
The rise of China as influential economical and military power in Asia is not very comforting news for NATO and its members. In recent months, U.S. has declared that it will house sixty percent of its naval power in Asian peninsula which appear an attempt to alleged NATO policy of encircling China.
Bangladesh came into spotlight as a potential location for NATO base to cater encircles policy. India could be another finer geographic location but probably not attainable because of robust democratic system that prevails in India. Burma/Myanmar military regime enjoys extremely close relation with China. Pro western Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and pro-democracy leader is still far away from attaining power. That leaves Bangladesh as the only place where NATO fleets can rest in this geopolitical juncture.
Bangladesh's geopolitical propinquity to China put the fate of Bangladesh as troublesome as the rolling rumbling waves of Bay of Bengal. Nevertheless, Bangladesh is missing something important, a regime that will be willing to accommodate the need of the west. Awami League or BNP none fits with that characteristic very well.  Bangladesh Nationalist party or BNP is heavily influenced by China via Pakistan therefore they will not to be considered a trustworthy partner for this policy. Bangladesh Awami League has close relation to India which is not so good friend of China but then again they are not so enthusiastic to see presence of western battle ships so close to their home.

Western powers where looking for a trusted regime in Bangladesh which will be closer to them and willing to join so called China encircle policy. Guess what! West found one, Dr. Mohammad Yunus.

Western power lobby was the architect of Dr. Mohammad Yunus getting Nobel Peace prize. Now they want to see their man in action. Much talked One Eleven took place. Tanks rolled into the streets of Dhaka and Army proclaimed the power under the cloak of civil administration and attempted to dispose both AL and BNP from the power struggle not just for then but forever.
There are few significant tactical maneuvers by Dr. Mohammad Yunus to be observed before and after anti democratic move of One Eleven. I will just mention three instances which indicate Dr. Yunus as henchman of some super power which wants the control of Bay of Bengal for military purpose.
(One) Dr. Yunus in his very first public speech given at a reception party in Chittagong outer stadium after winning Nobel Peace Prize, he spent a good deal of time explaining his vision of attaining Deep Sea port. Question is why a Nobel Peace Prize winner who won the prize for servicing poor people's financial needs takes unprecedented time advocating Deep Port Sea? There is no doubt that a Deep Sea port project will benefit Bangladesh but if that port becomes tool for foreign powers play ground then it will boomerang and will hurt countries sovereignty. Why all of a sudden Dr. Yunus has to be so vocal about the deep sea port, is it signaling someone about his gratefulness for his new prized credential?

(Two) Weeks after his first speech he gave his second in Darbar Hall of the presidential palace Bangabhaban, a reception arranged by Dr. Iazuddin Ahmed who proclaimed himself as President and the Head of the Caretaker Government. The country was on fire, political situation was extremely volatile. Almost all political party rejected his assertion as Chief of Caretaker Government and demanded a new Caretaker Government according to constitutional provision and a new Election commission. International community was demanding for level playing field and formation of a new non political Care Taker Government as well.
However what Dr. Mohammad Yunus did was unthinkable. In his speech he congratulated President and Chief of CTG for his bold step and asked him to be more valiant and go ahead with the plan to conduct national election on time. Dr. Yunus gave A+ to Iazuddin government. Dr. Yunus continued further saying "Listen to everyone, but you (should) run the country with a strong hand.  "Let the people realise your government is the most courageous government, and the people of the country also want you to run the country with a strong hand,"
Instigation by Dr. Muhammad Yunus fired up Prof. Iazuddin to defy national and international plea for establishing non partisan Caretaker Government and attempt to hijack the election for BNP which lead to One Eleven military takeover by Gen. Moeen. Why Dr. Yunus did that? Is this was the part of the blue print to initiate a chaos of which eventually he will take a chance on? Perhaps yes! His next move almost confirms that.

(Three) Right after the One Eleven military regime occupied the power they band all political activity and jailed top two political party leader Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia and almost all top level political leaders was reined in. In this nerve-racking circumstances Dr.Yunus was permitted to carry out his until then concealed political agenda, the very important part of the blue print. Dr. Yunus instigated military government to dispose both top leaders Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia to exile to create an ambiance for his newly formed political party "Nagorik Shokti" to boom.
However the boom that Dr. Yunus and his national and international backers were expecting did not come true. He and his newly formed party were rejected by vast majority. Sings of rejection was visible and the conspirators back down seeing people's frenzy rage. Military backed Caretaker Government of Gen. Mending, Fakhruddin and Iazuddin made swift retrieval and gave up their plan. A fair election took place and Awami League lead alliance came to power.
Almost four years has passed by, China has gained stronger momentum. Myanmar is showing signs of giving up; presence of western fleets close to the home will encourage Burmese rebellious opposition to take farmer steps against the military regime.
All national and international players have joined once again to enact another One Eleven style coup d'état to over through democratic system and complete their minus two plus one theory at any cost. Plans are hatching to thrust aside Awami League and BNP and bring the real henchman of the west Dr. Muhammad Yunus to power to complete the long waiting China encircles policy. 

Western powers desperately need trusty allies in this changing world especially in Asia which is volatile at the moment and may be the ground for next big war if that happens. Bangladesh holds an extremely strategically important geopolitical ground. Unrest in garments sector, Rohingya refugee influx, opposition to war crime trial, reports by different human right groups, moves by western diplomats within and outside the country, disquiet chorus by so called elite civil society and certain media may be signaling conspiracy on the rise until an unrest is formed when fisher man will come to fish in the murky water.
Cancellation of Padma Bridge may be the part of the larger plan to discredit political government to create ambiance to bring the actor and accretes of the play in the make.
Our political leaders across the aisle need to take a lesson out of last enactment of One Eleven in 2007 and make sure they do not place armaments in the hands of their common enemy anti democratic forces of darkness. Dishonesty is so grasping it would deceive God himself, were it possible (George Bancroft). Our leaders must learn to ascertain corruption and dishonesty.
Yes, corruption takes place in governmental projects regularly. In our subcontinent there is almost no government project which has no trace of corruption. Corruption is a national disease of our subcontinent and many other underdeveloped and even developed nations. We have to struggle to eradicate corruption from our society and government affairs. World Bank is not immune from corruption. World media accuse World Bank as the fortress of corrupt practice as recent as weeks ago by prestigious media outlet Forbes Magazine and Wall Street Journal. Forbes magazine pointed finger toward the very World Bank President Robert Zoellick who terminated the loan for Padma Bridge on charges of corruption.

But it is hard to believe unsubstantiated corruption to be is the reason for WB's Padma bridge funding cancellation when the very next week's world media reports that the same donors who controls the World Bank agreed to provide ten billion with a big B to Afghanistan on condition that they will reduce corruption. Readers chuckle at the news, thinking the poor standard and wicked politics of so called donors who punishes or praises the poor with pure political motive. World Bank and I.M.F. has become the tool to pursue, chase and hunt down the poor country like Bangladesh either when they refuse to comply or they are not trustworthy to advance their cause.
Nevertheless, political government can resist any conspiracy only if the people are with them. But people will be with them only when democracy is practiced freely, restraints are taken out for free speech. Corruption, nepotism and all government misconducts are dealt with heavy hand.  Media plays a positive vital role in shaping the peoples voice, understanding that the discipline of the written word punishes both stupidity and dishonesty but indiscipline writing brings array of mistrust. Political organizations do not go into bitterly conflict of no return and engage in nationalistic politics rather than bickering with extreme partisanship. And yes, we must come out of denial mode, face the truth with courage and let the truth and only truth prevail. We must understand it's not the enemy outside which weakens us but the enemy within will destroy us
Cancellation of loan for Padma Bridge did hit the pride of each and every Bangladeshi. We must vigorously rummage on why it happened and act accordingly. We must fight corruption, we must fight lies put on us and we must fight any adventurism, political distortion and conspiracy by national and international power houses. Hope the realization will come that unity is strength and division is weakness which will hurt the entire nation. Keep your ears and eyes on the lookout, players are putting their jersey, the game is on.

Shamim Chowdhury
Maryland, U.S.A
E-mail: veirsmill  

Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2012 17:06:02 -0400
Subject: [mukto-mona] Who is behind this?


 We may support the government or may be against the government, but Padma Bridge (PB) should be above political hegemony!
 No party or any individual should not be against PB.
Can any computer expert find out the orgin of the e-mail address?
This e-mail was used to complain against Bangladesh & Padma Bridge--------------! We need to know who the people are behind this?
Anybody can talk against the government, but this is against the people! and this is not right! Is it a political agenda? Politics for party benfit? or individual benefit?
In this information age, it will not be impossible to find all the info. and we should not wait for what the government will do! Let government do her job.
Lets' raise our voice.
AL-USA did a good job, rallying infront of WB in Washington, D.C.
Friends, lets try. Thank you.
Sitangshu Guha
সুষ্ঠু তদন্তের স্বার্থে অভিযোগকারীদের ব্যবহৃতএ অনুসন্ধানপূর্বক অভিযোগকারীদের সঠিক পরিচয় উদ্ঘাটন আবশ্যক।
মো. মোশাররফ হোসেন ভূঁইয়া :সচিব ও নির্বাহী চেয়ারম্যান, বাংলাদেশ অর্থনৈতিক অঞ্চল কর্তৃপক্ষ


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