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Monday, December 8, 2014

[mukto-mona] Redefinition of God (God 2.0)

In the link below, America's spiritual Guru, Dr. Chopra has discussed the redefinition of God (God 2.0) that I have been talking about in recent days. Many could not conceive that idea yet; many kept going back to religious definitions of God(s) and kept missing the point.
As Dr. Chopra has pointed out, modernity have given us comfortable life-style, but it's not enough to bring peace and tranquility in one's life, which requires spiritual enlightenment. Life without spirituality is incomplete.
Materialistic ideology, such as communism, drives God out of life, and fails miserably to fulfill both material and spiritual needs. Religion, on the other hand, cannot fulfil anything, not even the spiritual need. It divides God into thousands of fragments.
Under the circumstances, redefinition of the concept of spiritual God could bring God back to peoples' lives, once again. Spiritual God is one God for all devoid of political religions.
Jiten Roy
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