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Saturday, January 31, 2015

[mukto-mona] Fw: মুক্তচিন্তা ; আমার ধর্মভাবনা

Nice article!

Although human slowly separated themselves from the animal kingdom through evolutionary processes, but could not escape from some of the basic God-given  characteristics of the animal kingdom. For example, human needs to strive to survive, as animals do. In the eye of God, all living beings are equal.  
So, no matter how many times we pray to God, he cannot change things for us alone. If prayer could change anything, nobody will strive to do good things; they will pray instead, and no one could prosper without a prayer at all. It's that simple.
Religion is a business, which some smart people thought about thousands of years ago. They were surely smarter than billions of gullible people rooming around today, who are constantly striving to go back to the lives of thousands of years ago.
Hindu religious scriptures were written basically by assigning human characters, such as kings and queens, to some planets and stars, and they became Gods and Goddesses in the fictional stories, Hindus consider as religious texts. I sometimes watch a series, called Ma Durga, run by eTV, where it shows clearly the role of each kings and queens. Once King Indra was sick, due to a curse ( or virus), and there was no moon on the sky for many days; people were worried. Brahma is the supreme creator, who created everything through his navel (belly-button), which, I believe, was the representation of the black-hole. Please don't ask me how they had the knowledge of black-hole; may be just a coincidence. I am not claiming scientific validity of those texts, I called fictional tales. The point is - I can see these relationships, but millions of gullible Hindus can't. They can't because they are afraid to deviate from what they have been told by their forefathers.

You are right – God has no time to think about silly things, like how many marriages can human do or not, or what is the proper way to punish (stoning or imprisonment) a woman, who is engaged in an affair, deemed illegal by a society, or how to punish someone who is not following your own religion, etc.

I am glad you have proper religious uplifting, mainly through your own initiatives. Actually, you have the right religion, that is - being a right human being. I wonder – why others can't do so.  
Jiten Roy

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