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Friday, February 20, 2015

Re: [mukto-mona] Three UK schoolgirls 'travelling to Syria'

In addition to blaming social media, I would also blame families of these girls for brainwashing them into religious conservative ideals. After all, brainwashing always starts at home. These families are probably highly religious, and talk about Jihad in the kitchen tables and social gatherings, while children silently listen to them. These girls whole heartedly believe that they are really joining in Jihad.
Many highly educated Muslim families in the USA are afraid that their children will adopt western cultures, and they try their best to bring them up in the rigid Islamic cultures. So, these type of incident may not be so unexpected.
Jiten Roy

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Subject: [mukto-mona] Three UK schoolgirls 'travelling to Syria'

At least two of these girls are of Bangladesh origin. What can you expect a from a 16 years old girl when so many people with academic qualifications as high as PhD are so stupid about pleasing Allah and about their perception of afterlife with rewards/punishments?


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