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Saturday, June 6, 2015

[mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Facts You Can’t Deny !

Facts You Can't Deny:

General Niazi being escorted by Major Haider and General Aurora to surrender on December 16, 1971.

On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 10:07 PM, Syed Haque <> wrote:

Facts You Can't Deny: 


1)      The document of surrender was signed by Niazi and Punjabi General Aurora. It appears no representative of Mukti Bahini was present during that memorable and key event of Bangladesh. 


2)      Without the help of India, independent Bangladesh would be a trance like independent Assam, Punjab and Sikkim. 


3)      Ever since Bangladesh was created, so many bloody military coups (keep in mind Pilkhana BDR carnage) and civilian killings have had occurred.


4)      Major leaders Mujib and Zia both were murdered hardheartedly by Bangali(s)/Bangladeshi(s).


Note: Let's not fight over Mujib and Zia for the sake of national interest.


5)      Prevailing two main parties have ideological differences which planted very deep-rooted odium.


6)      Still, the country hasn't evolved to a significant level from the statuesque. Here is why:


a)      BD is one of the most corrupt nations.


b)       Education standard is getting worse.


c)      Almost 30% people live below the poverty level.


To be candid, we have been hearing ideological lectures full of disgusts. Now you provide a no-nonsense recipe which will make the condition of the poor of the poorest people of Bangladesh better. Essentially, that is what really counts to the most of the people like us - commoners.  


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