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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Re: [mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to read 'The Muqaddimah' : which contradicts the Quran completely

We don't know which other parts of the universe, except earth, the need for God is felt. We know for sure, God is much needed on earth, and existence of earth and its content depends on Mother Nature, which won't exist without sun; sun is the sole caretaker of the Mother Nature. So, sun is the prime candidate for God. Many parts of the world sun is already worshipped as God.
Ancient Egyptians used to worship Ra, the Sun God, Greeks worship Helios, Native Americans worship Sun, Persians (Mithraism) worship Sun. The legend of Mithra may well have given birth to the Christian resurrection story. Many South East Asian religions, treat Sun as God.
Sun is almighty and omnipresent on all of us, and it fits the description of God, we know. I don't think anybody, including scientists, would have any trouble accepting Sun as the God. What do you think?
Jiten Roy


On Thursday, June 11, 2015 10:16 PM, "Kamal Das [mukto-mona]" <> wrote:

Religion is based on the idea of a geocentric universe. It is also inherently patriarchal. Mother Nature needs a father God to be functional. No atheist denies the existence of the universe. Since Akhenaten the idea of God was based on Sun. With its appearance on the horizon, all luminaries lost their glory in heaven. It was also related with fertility of the soil. Thus priesthood grew among people having rudimentary knowledge of science. A branch of them became mortuaries creating the concept of afterlife. Rulers found it useful. Deprived mass could be kept calm with the carrot of reward in heaven.

Great scientific discoveries often were serendipitous. Many inventors didn't even believe in what they invented. Max Planck, for example, survived about four decades after his invention of Quantum Mechanics. Not for a day, he believed in it. Brian Josephson ended up in research on ghosts. Newton succumbed to Arian heresy. Obviously, even great scientists were not quite open minded.

Assassins grow not out of innocent people. They grow out of ignorance, desire for rewards here and afterlife. Blake defined innocents as those having knowledge and ignorants as those lacking it.

Arab conquerors encouraged science and philosophy for a few centuries. But after the Baghdad massacre the tendency became opposite. Anyone in doubt may read Bernard Lewis and P. K. Hitti and other authors of Islamic history.

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On Jun 12, 2015, at 5:56 AM, Jiten Roy [mukto-mona] <> wrote:

You are right – the ultimate determinant of truth will be the science. Religion, on the other hand, is a hypothesis that can never be verified, but, there is no dearth of people to have complete faith in it.
Human beings are normally critical of everything due to natural survival instincts, but – brainwashing can change all that. Correct brainwashing can destroy peoples' mental faculty for criticism, no matter how harmful the effect of it is. Thus, assassins are manufactured out of the most innocent people in the society.
Jiten Roy

From: "Shah Deeldar [mukto-mona]" <>
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2015 11:08 AM
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to read 'The Muqaddimah' : which contradicts the Quran completely

Agree! How would an objective mind have two contradictory positions simultaneously? Science can't be polluted with the idea like... God has all the answers. It does not and it never had!   

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015 10:24 PM, "Kamal Das [mukto-mona]" <> wrote:

Belief in science keeps the door open to criticism and review while belief in religion closes it. Nobody can be a believer in both.

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On Jun 10, 2015, at 5:43 AM, Jiten Roy [mukto-mona] <> wrote:


This shows you really did not understand my post. If I say – Man is stronger than woman, you will perhaps show me some women wrestlers to prove that not all men are stronger than women.

You said: "One can simultaneously be strong believers in both science and religion."

You cannot selectively believe in science. That's a total nonsense. When someone disbelief science because it contradicts religious belief, he/she is only pretending to believe in science.

Jiten Roy


From: "Subimal Chakrabarty


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