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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Re: [mukto-mona] Please read-The Pentagon Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too

It's Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too 

After five decades of pretending otherwise, the Pentagon has reluctantly confirmed that Israel does indeed possess nuclear bombs, as well as awesome weapons technology similar to America's.

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Pakistan got nuclear bomb under Jimmy Carter's watch, North Korea got bomb under Bill Clinton's watch, and now Iran might get it under Obama's watch.  Is it a coincidence or is there a reason behind it?
I believe, liberal policy makes it easier for others to sway and deceive USA with empty promises. Iran deal cannot be a good thing for the world, especially when that country is run by bunch of religious fundamentalists.
No country can have nuclear technology without a long standing record of functioning democracy in the country. But, Democrat President doesn't need it to trust Iran; their promises are good enough for this president.


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