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Friday, August 21, 2015

[mukto-mona] Remembering Dr. Jaffor Ullah - an erudite scientist and a great secular humanist

I know for sure that many of us won't be able to forget the people that we respect and admire for their secular philosophy and humanistic views. In particular, they continue to be remembered in every related situation that we encounter. In last two years, I remembered our dear Jaffor Bhai (Dr. Jaffor Ullah) at every critical point in time when the secularist forces were under attack by the vicious Islamic extremists in Bangladesh. He had thousands of thoughts lying within him that he could use while writing to express his opinion against the philosophy of obscurantism that these extremists follow. In particular, he wrote very eloquently and extensively against the unfounded belief-based obscurantist forces. He used to have a feeling of camaraderie with the fellow secularists. He was never late in writing when any of them was under attack. Please read his write-ups after the attack on Dr. Humayun Azad:

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(2) Sudden demise of an iconoclast whom I never met

(3) The first anniversary of the brutal attack on Humayun Azad…/rationa…/2005/humayun_azad_1_yr.htm

After the grenade attack on August 21, 2004, Dr. Jaffor Ullah wrote:

The Grenade blasts of August 21 would further mar the smudged image of Bangladesh

After the killing of Mr. S. A. M. S. Kibria, Dr. Jaffor Ullah wrote:

How long this bloodletting could continue?

The journey of Dr. Jaffor Ullah, an erudite scientist and a great secular humanist, ended on August 21, 2013. All of us (who knew him personally and through his writings) missed him in last two years and will always endure the pain because of his absence. In 2007, he wrote in a group email as follows:

"Once an organism is born, death is a surety. Death completes the life cycle."

The above scientific statement on death can be expressed by none other than Dr. Jaffor Ullah, a great scientist with his immense knowledge on phases of life and evolution. I remember with all my respect for him.


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