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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[mukto-mona] Fw: President Obama Having Copies Of FEMA Camp Keys Made For Hillary [1 Attachment]

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President Obama Having Copies Of FEMA Camp Keys Made For Hillary
The Huffington Post Mon, Aug 1 2:06 AM PDT
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·         Tweet, D.C. -- Reporters in the nation's capital recently stumbled upon President Barack Hussein Obama (D-Kenya) at the Home Depot nearest the White House. Obama was found in the aisle where keys are made, and when asked by the media, he said that he was making copies of the keys Hillary Clinton would need as president to lock and unlock various gates, doors, and confiscated gun warehouses located in FEMA camps around the country. "Make no mistake," Obama said as he chose a fun, Disney-themed key blank for the Home Depot employee to use, "the next president will have to carry out Order 666, since it appears I will not be able to. And Lord Alinsky's spirit has ordered me to make copies of ...


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