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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

[mukto-mona] Re: {PFC-Friends} Re: India and Myanmar conspiring against Bangladesh on Rohinga issue:ø 0;োহিঙ্গা ইস 09;যুকে ‘সন্ত্&# 2480;াসী’ রূপ দিচ ;্ছে ভারত ও ম 495;য়ানমার


ARSA is a matter of this day. What about the rights, citizenship of Rohingyas. Why Myanmar do not allow UN & others, lest muchalman (as I call) countries. Rohingyas have been there for centuries. We did not tolerate Punjabis' dominance, discrimination, no question of citizenship etc. 
If you had followed me, I met many. Burmese even as my classmates among whom at least a muslim who goes by his buddhist name! In brief.

On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 7:17 AM, Sitangshu Guha
<> wrote:
Thanks. Salam. 
You are intelligent enough to see my supportive attitude for Bangladesh. 
Can anyone disagree with the population ratio below? 
How can a rational person support ARSA? Don't forget the story of one-eyed deer? 
Lungi episode is just a joke. Lungi, we got from Burma, the same way we are getting now, Hijab from Arabs? 
Most of the people in this forum see everything from Islamic points of view, so they failed to see the total elephant! 
Finally, on Rohinga issue, my second column just published, you will be able to read that soon. Bottom line is: give the refugees food and shelter now and force them back when situation normalizes. I believe government is just doing that! 
Thank you. 

On Tue, Sep 12, 2017 at 12:59 AM 'zainul abedin' via PFC-Friends <> wrote:
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Nomoshker, Dada!

Questions not bad, but should be based on our/your minimum good will/supportive attitude!

On Monday, September 11, 2017 8:57 PM, Sitangshu Guha <> wrote:

লুঙ্গি বার্মা থেকে এসেছে? রোহিঙ্গাদের সমর্থনে আমরা কি লুঙ্গি পরা ছেড়ে দেবো?

2017-09-11 21:18 GMT-04:00 Sitangshu Guha <>:
Saudi population density, 15 per square kilometer, Turkey: 99, Iran: 48 and Qatar 187; India 387. Does Bangladesh with a population density of 1,115 people per square kilometer bear some divine responsibility to admit refugees when Islamic Ummah just happily ignores them? 

2017-09-11 17:56 GMT-04:00 Sitangshu Guha <>:
On 25 August 2017, ARSA attacked 30+ military & police bases, killing a dozen army, >2 dozens police and about 70 civilians, totaling 100+? What we would do if our police and military were killed like that? ARSA is a terrorist organization and for its brutal action civilian Rohingas are suffering! Support the refugees, but not the criminals and terrorists? 

Sitanggshu Guha

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