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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Re: [mukto-mona] Shouldn’t Rajshahi University be sued for discrimination against non-Muslim students?

Thanks, Dr. Das, for providing some history of 'In God We Trust', and for suggesting that it is against the US Constitution.

But I do not go so much by Constitutions. The US Constitution has two significant flaws. 1) First Amendment freedom of religion. It should be replaced with freedom of humanity; where freedom of religion should be truncated for not allowing following religious edicts that are unjust, hateful and barbaric. 2) Second Amendment right to bear arms. This is a dangerous flaw. Owning guns should not be a right. It should be a privilege that must be earned and maintained through proving mental fitness, non-criminal background, and genuine need.

And about the Bangladesh Constitution at its present form, let me just say that it is unworthy of an honorable nation.

The point really is how much progress different nations have been making. In terms of rejecting religious nonsense, the Christian-majority nations have been doing much better than the nations that have Muslims, Hindus or Jews in the majority. And most of the Western (Christian-majority) nations have been making praiseworthy progress in spite of what may nominally be still in their constitutions and on their coins.

Sukhamaya Bain


On Thursday, November 2, 2017 5:45 PM, "Kamal Das [mukto-mona]" <> wrote:

On dollar bills "In God We Trust" was written in 1956, and on coins may be quarter century earlier. Such inscription is against the spirit of constitution.

On 2 Nov 2017 7:36 a.m., "Sukhamaya Bain [mukto-mona]" <> wrote:
I am sure, you know better than this, Dr. Das!

Morons are morons, true; but not all morons are the same. For example, the morons in the USA allow mosques to be built in this country; but the morons of Saudi Arabia do not allow any non-Muslim place of worship in their country.

I am sure, you know that if this question were in an admission test at a US university, the the morons who wrote and approved the question would have been fired already, and the university would have faced a number of multi-million dollar lawsuits for intimidating, insulting and discriminating against the non-Christian students.

The USA and most of the Western nations were founded by Christians; but the mottoes likes 'In God we trust' are certainly losing popularity in the USA/West; as opposed to what you see with Islam in Bangladesh. For example, the cacophony of prayer calls from the mosques are torture to non-Muslims, including a lot of people whose parents were Muslims; and you know how much it has increased over the last decade.


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On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 5:58 PM, "Kamal Das [mukto-mona]" <> wrote:

In a world where oath has to be taken with bible in hand, and "In God We Trust" Has to be written on coins and dollar bills, religious books reign supreme. Question about them can be blasphemy and punishable with death sentence. There is hardly any difference between morons of the third world and super morons of the developed world.


Posted by: Sukhamaya Bain <>

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