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Monday, January 1, 2018

[mukto-mona] Happy New Year

A Christian Actor from Kerala kicks up a storm in SM, which has since gone viral

What are the benefits of being a Hindu?

Kerala actor Joy Mathew has kicked up a debate on social media about the differences between Hinduism and Abrahamic religions. The post has gone viral since then.

"Benefits of being Hindu- No need to go and learn religion in childhood. No restrictions about what to do or what not to do. No hard and fast rules about how to live your life," began the Facebook post of Mathew, who is known as a 'political actor' in Kerala.

Mathew, however, has confessed that it is not a post written by him. "One of my friends sent this to me on whatsapp. I am posting it here for my readers since I find elements of truth in it," he said, adding, "I am not a slave to any religion."

The one-liners in his post say, in Hinduism, "there is no need to wear a cap, no need of circumcision, no baptism."

"There is no compulsion to go to temples. Only believers have to go. If you wish to go, you can go to any temple irrespective of the caste, language or the ritualistic traditions.

You won't be labeled agnostic. You won't be excommunicated.

At the time of marriage, you won't need a character certificate from the priests. Bride's family won't go to the temples to check if you practise religion."

You can live your life peacefully with only one or two children as you like.

Since there is no restriction to drink, you don't need to spoil your life by getting addict to weed and drugs.

You can watch films. You can dance. You can sing. You can give and take money for interest.

You can live your life as you like. There are no doctrines.

There are no scary stories about the life after death.

You don't need to spoil your life dreaming about rivers of wine and hoories in heaven.

You don't need to fear about becoming the firewood in the hell.

There is nothing that goes against the modern science.

There are no special rules for women. No one will abuse if a woman dances. Instead, they will clap and encourage. They will even send girls for dance classes. And for sports too. You don't need to cover your face, nor head. You can wear the dresses of your choice. Women can eat along with men.

You can worship any god of any religion. You can light stars. You can make cribs. You can celebrate any festival. You can wish your friends on any festival.

Also, you can share this post without fear" he concludes.


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