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Sunday, March 22, 2020

[mukto-mona] Millions Will Die Because of Trump's Incompetence

Millions Will Die Because of Trump's Incompetence

By Michael Moore, Michael Moore's Facebook Page

22 March 20


 woman in my apartment building was taken out by EMT workers yesterday and died shortly after. She tested positive for the coronavirus. Rest her soul, blessings upon her. A chill spread through many in the building, knowing this is only the first of these, here & everywhere. ‬The media doesn't want you to panic. The politicians insist that you not panic. I'm here to tell you to panic. Panic like you've never panicked before. Millions will die because of Trump's incompetence, inaction and waiting too long to figure out how to make a buck off all this. THAT will be why your loved ones will perish. PANIC! But SMART panic! Don't go crazy - think! Then ACT. Organize everyone you know to scream bloody murder today. Let your governor/mayor/Senator/President know you will not tolerate one more fucking day of this. Call them & demand:

1. PROTECT OUR HEALTH CARE WORKERS! Take over factories & make millions of masks, gowns, gloves, respirators, ventilators NOW. Keep doctors & nurses safe from the virus. If they get infected, NONE of us will get help when we come down with it.

2. TEST EVERYONE. Yes, that's right. In the city of Vo, Italy, they decided to test all 3,300 residents. The result? There are now no new cases in Vo, Italy. Information is power, ignorance is death. The government needs to make 300 million tests NOW. Ask the Germans and Koreans and Taiwanese for help. We don't automatically think of testing everyone because we're not used to treating everyone. We don't believe in the "EVERYBODY GETS TO SEE A DOCTOR" system. Our corrupt core belief that doesn't guarantee EVERYONE free health care is now going to be the death of us as we enter Week Nine of wondering why we don't have enough masks.

3. MOBILIZE THE ARMY. We need temp and field hospitals built now with hundreds of thousands of extra beds and medics to assist.

4. LOCKDOWN. A three-week nationwide lockdown where people stay inside will go a long way to slowing down the spread of the virus. This is going to be a two-year pandemic. Isolating ourselves will spread out those needing medical assistance instead of millions in need all at once.

Let's do this now, before the next ambulance arrives.



Posted by: Farida Majid <>

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