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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

[mukto-mona] Qur'anic Miracles (Mathematical, Linguistic and Sciences)

Dear Friends,

Here are 5 videos given below that describe some of the special features of the Holy Qur'an in terms of Mathematics (Number 19), the Linguistics and some Sciences. Please watch these videos and you may find these information thoughtful.

(1)  Number 19 in Qur'an (15:45 min)

(2)  Mathematical Miracles of Qur'an (9:59 min)

(3)  Mathematical Miracles of Qur'an (8:01 min)

(4)  37 Linguistic Miracles of Qur'an (1:58:43)

(5)  27 Miracles of Qur'an  (42:39 min)

Dr. Mahbub Khan
California, USA


Posted by: Mahbub Khan <>

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