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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

[mukto-mona] BUFLA-Spectacular-Show (Sept-5-6-2020)

Dear Community friends at large,

Believe it or not, we are excited to inform you that, we have completed the Virtual celebration of Bangladesh Independence Day last long-weekend on September 5 and 6, 2020. It was over 10 hours long festivities in 8 Episodes in Video, as listed below with links. The program started with National Anthems of USA and Bangladesh, followed by the BUFLA-Anthem. There was also the spiritual part in this program. It was indeed a spectacular festivity with songs and dances and other cultural performances by many local area artists of Los Angeles, some out-of-states artists and several overseas artists from Bangladesh. There were dignitaries including our LA-Mayor Eric Garceti, Council-member Mitch O' Farrell, Jay Wesson, and our congress-member Jimmy Gomez. There were COVID-19 Seminars by our Local area BMANA Medical doctors for the awareness and education for our community members at large. There were the Video clips of Parade-and-Festivals presented from our several previous years. BUFLA-Charity activities of last six months due to COVID-19 were presented including the BUFLA help for the LA-area Hospital doctors and nurses and staff with PPE, and also to help the people and families with cash money, food and PPE, who are the victims of the pandemic. Some of the many ongoing BUFLA-Charity projects were also presented.

The flyer below shows some details about this festive virtual program.

Here are the links to the 8 Episodes of festivities that are 10 hours long in total. Please watch it and enjoy it with your family and friends and let us know how you like these.

Bangladesh Day Parade and Festival  (Spet-5-6-2020)
Virtual Celebration Episodes Video-Links are given here below:

Date:  September 5, 2020, Saturday.  Time:  6:00 PM:  Length:  2:02:27

Date:  September 5, 2020, Saturday.  Time:  8:00 PM:  Length:  1:58:30

Date:  September 6, 2020, Sunday.  Time:  5:00 PM:  Length:  1:22:09

Date:  September 6, 2020, Sunday.  Time:  6:24 PM:  Length:  1:15:54

Date:  September 6, 2020, Sunday.  Time:  7:41 PM:  Length:  1:18:16

Date:  September 6, 2020, Sunday.  Time:  9:01 PM:  Length:  0:13:22

Date:  September 6, 2020, Sunday.  Time:  9:23 PM:  Length:  0:02:48

Date:  September 6, 2020, Sunday.  Time:  9:33 PM:  Length:  1:28:42

All of these Recorded Video Episodes are also stored on the BUFLA Facebook page at: 


                                                          Shiper Chowdhury: President

Shiper Chowdhury: President,  805-551-0392,,  Mahbubur Rahman (Shaheen):  Vice President, 213-220-7198,, Anjuman Ara Sheulee: General Secretary,  213-200-2901,,  Faruque Howlader:  Organizing Secretary, 213-509-9393,, Abdus Samad: Public Relations Secretary,  310-619-3532,,  Roshny Alam: Cultural Secretary: 562-310-3669,


This 10-hours long Virtual Spectacular Festivity was designed, organized, recorded and presented as MC by the BUFLA-Cultural Secretary Roshny Alam. She was fully supported and helped by the BUFLA President Shiper Chowdhury and the whole Cabinet, as well as the whole BUFLA team members. Roshny Alam also got full support and help from her husband Engr. Shahid Alam, who is the AABEA/SC President-Elect.


Dr. Mahbub Khan

California, USA



Posted by: Mahbub Khan <>

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