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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

[mukto-mona] Date moved to Dec-5-2020 // BUFLA-Senior-Club Talent Show // Dec-5-2020 (Virtual)

Date moved to Dec-5-2020 for 
BUFLA-Senior-Club Talent Show
BUFLA Advisory Council (BUFLA-AC) Presents:

BUFLA Senior Club Talent Show (Virtual)

Date:  December-5-2020, Saturday

Time:  7 PM to 9 PM (PST: California Time)

Video-Stream at   

Dear Community Friends,

We are cordially inviting you to watch and enjoy the BUFLA Senior Club Talent Show from anywhere in USA and beyond. This entertainment show by our Seniors is the first-time of its kind in the history of our community. It will be Live-Video-Streamed through BUFLA Facebook page at  on Dec-5-2020 Saturday from 7 PM to 9 PM (PST: California time). 

Many Seniors from the greater Los Angeles area, Silicon Valley, Kansas, Texas, and New York have participated in this Talent Show. All presentations and performances have already been video-recorded and will be streamed together for your enjoyment and entertainment online for audiences across USA and beyond, on Dec-5-2020.

Here are some of the things that our Seniors, as presenters and performers, have done to entertain you:


1)    Commented about BUFLA

2)    Introduced themselves

3)    Shared their Education and Profession in Bangladesh 

4)    When they came to USA

5)    Education, Profession, and challenges in USA

6)    Community involvements in Bangladesh and USA

7)    Hobbies 

8)    Recited self-written poems, and recited poems by famous poets

9)    Singing of songs

10)  Sharing of Arts and Paintings

11)   Jokes that will make you laugh 

12)  Some accomplishments in life 

13)  Happiest moments and events of life

14)  Sad memories of life

15)   Sharing the philosophy of life evolved from many experiences 

16)  Comments about COVID-19 effects and some very essential advices 

17)  Sharing of many other highlights of life walking along the long memory lane of life

Please mark your calendar for Dec-5-2020 from 7 PM to 9 PM (PST: California time), and please plan to enjoy this unique BUFLA Senior Club Talent Show with your family and friends. Thank you very much. 

On behalf of BUFLA Advisory Council:

Event Coordinator
Mohammed Abdul Hannan (818) 266-8806,

Event Co-Coordinators

BUFLA-AC (Advisory Council)

Ziaur Rahman - (Chairman),  732-829-8252,,, Haroon Rashid (Vice-Chair) (909) 569-3629,, Sqn. Ldr Muhammad Zaman (626) 253-2262, mn_zaman@yahoo.comMohammed Abdul Hannan (818) 266-8806,,  Rafiqul Islam (323) 806-5332, Shawkat Alam, 951-310-4055,,  Dr. Mohammad Auwal  (626) 679-3141,mauwal@gmail.comDr. Mahbub Khan (408) 859-3566, 


Shiper Chowdhury: President of BUFLA

Shiper Chowdhury: President,  805-551-0392,,  Mahbubur Rahman (Shaheen):  Vice President, 213-220-7198,, Anjuman Ara Sheulee: General Secretary,  213-200-2901,,  Faruque Howlader:  Organizing Secretary, 213-509-9393,, Abdus Samad: Public Relations Secretary,  310-619-3532,,  Roshny Alam: Cultural Secretary: 562-310-3669,

BUFLA BOT (Board of Trustees)

Mourshad Alam Haider - Chairman:, Habib Ahmed Tia 818-430-5726, Nasimul Gani, Rumi Solaiman

BUFLA Charity Committee Members:

Jashim Ahmed (BUFLA Charity Committee Coordinator):  818-987-7454,, Dr. Abul Hashem: 213-200-0984,, Khandakar Alam:  909-732-8800,,  Shamsuddin Manik: 818-744-6284,, Engr. Saleh Kibria: 323-404-1386,, Major Enamul Hamid:  323-896-8779,,  Nazrul Alam: 818-469-4300,

BUFLA-EC (Executive Committee)


American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers & Architects (AABEA-SC): Jamshed A Hyder - President, (909) 728-0813,, Iqbal Rahman, Mohammed Mahibur Rais, Shahid Alam

Bangladeshi American Association of LA (BAALA): Mohammad Ali - President, (213) 570-3100,, Shahed Khan Duli, Saiful A Chowdhury, Zakir Hussain Khan

Bangladesh Armed Forces Veteran Officers Association (BAFVOA):Lt. Col. (Retd) Omar Huda - President, (818) 689-0445,, Sqn. Ldr. (Retd.) Mohammad Zaman, Flt. Lt. (Retd.) Fida Hossain, Lt. ( Retd.) Zia Islam

Bangladesh Medical Association of North America (BMANA): Dr. Rubina Najeeb - President, (714) 377-0227,, Dr. Iqbal Munir, Dr. Aboo Nasar, Dr. Diba Farah

Bangladesh Mela: Mohammad Tarek- Preident, (323) 382-4129,, Jamiul Islam Belal, Siddiqur Rahman, Jahangir Joney

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (B N P): Badrul Chowdhury Shiplu - President, (818) 679-4924,, M Wahid Rahman, Murshedul Islam, Mahbubul Rahman Shaheen

Bikrompur Association: Dr. Abul Hashem - President, (213) 200-0984,, Mohammed Rahman, Mohammed Shahidul Haq

Chittagong University Alumni Association (CUAA): Ilias Sikder - President, (805) 458-0507,, Mohammed Rafiquzzaman, Md. Ahsan Hafeez, Iftekhar Ahmed

Dhaka University Alumni Association  (DUAA):  Khandakar Alam - President, (909) 732-8800,, Quzi Mashoorul Huda, Swakat Alam, Shiekh Rafiqul Islam

Distressed Children & Infants International (DCI):  Engr.. Saleh Kibria - President, (323) 404-1386,, Zadiul Hai, Monirul Islam, Roshny Alam

Dohar Association of California: Sohidul Islam - President, (213) 531-1979,, Mohin Ahmed, Sikdar Habibur Rahman, Siba Islam

Greater Faridpur Association: Hossain Ali - President, (818) 321-5447,, Chonnou Mollik, Zakir Khan, Rob Rabbani

Greater Khulna Association: Dublo Amin - President, (213) 663-4121, Faruq Howlader,, Md. Alam, Md. Ahsan

Grisho Boron (Summer Festival) Orange County: Rafiqul Haque Raju - President, (714) 470-0814,, Rezaul Karim, Nazrul Islam Fahim, Fatema Khatun Moni

Jalalabad Association of California: Assaduz Zaman Bachchu - President, (323) 821-9976,, Mohammed Badrul Alam, Syeed Nasir Uddin, Mohammed Nazrul Alam

Los Angeles Tiger Club: Mehdi Hassan - President, (213) 590-9920,, Elias Khan, M. M. Shameem, Christopher B. Austin

Muslim Ummah of North America (MUNA): Ashraf Hossain Akbar - President, (213) 926-2959,, Ali Akbar, Abdul Mannan, Anisur Rahman

Osmani Smrity Shangsod: Jashim A. Ashrafi - President, (818) 987-7454,, Abul Hasnath Rayhan, Matab Ahmed, Faizu Subhan

Sylhet World Council: Jafrin Tia - Council Chair, (818) 430-5726,, Mohi Uddin, Shofir Uddin, Shuhin Choudhury

Taranga of California: Shiper Chowdhury - President, (805) 551-0392,, Enamul Hamid, Bashir Ahmed, Moazzem Hossain Chowdhury

Uttoron of Los Angeles: Anjuman Ara - President, (213) 200-2901,,Shahnag Bulbul, Ashraf Hossain (Babul), Khurshed -uz- Zaman

Vashani Foundation: Mohammed Shamsuddin Manik - President, (818) 744-6284,, Sheik Raza, Abdus Samad, Abul Khair


BUFLA Associate Members


Bangladesh Community of Inland Empire (BCIE): Sheikh Rafiqul Islam - President, 323-806-5332,, Zillur Rahman, Mohammad F Haque, Mahadi Sabin Salim

Probash Bangla: Quazi Moshoorul Huda - President, 213-590-1554,, Sharmin Sohana Trisha, Mohammed Hasan, Shofi Ahmed

Banglabandhu Sishu Kishore Mela: Salma Alam - President, 213-595-2920,, Mahmuda Alam Nilu, Kaniz Fatema, Saharin Alam

Sanatan Bengali Society: Bidyut Dey - President, 949-302-1277,, Amrita Bibek Sarker, Tulsi Saha, Sougata Mazumder

Bangabandhu Cultural Organization: Tawfiq Suleman Khan - President, 213-842-1048,, Jahir Udddin Ahmed Panna, Zamal Hossain, Shahriar Khalil Rebel

California Awami Volunteers League: Md. Shah Alam Khan Chowdhury - President, 602-715-0174,, Amir Hossain Sardar, Aliza Hossain, Eliyas Hossain




Additional BUFLA Team Members and Supporters

Major Enamul Hamid: 323-896-8779, Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri 951-683-5988, Moazzem Chowdhury 661-816-8468, Belayet Hossain 702-210-2839, Tia Habib 818-430-5726, Col. Omar Huda 818-689-0445, Haroon Rashid 909-569-3629, Nasimul Gani 909-653-4314, Rumi Sulaiman 909-921-9191, Emdadul Huq Bob 775-815-8726, Dr. Rafiqul Alam 951-683-5988, Sqn Ldr Muhammad Zaman 626-253-2262, Shahidul Islam: 213-531-1979,  Habibur Rahman Swaraj 213-380-3650, Mourshad Haider: 909-996-6609, Lt. Ziaul Islam818-518-5784, Engr Saiful Huq 949-449-9975, Anwar Hussain Rana, Quazi Moshoorul Huda 213-255-0213, Anisur Rahman 213-840-7264, Ilias Sikder  805-458-0507, Ashraf Akbar 213-926-2959, Sayedul Hoq 805-696-3374, Ali Akbar 714-930-6677, Abul Hasnat Rayhan 818-383-9560, Lt. Ziaul Islam 818-518-5784, Mohammad Ali 213-570-3100,  Ahsan Bachu 818-365-0030, Humayun 213-925-8399, Quazi Moshoorul Huda 213-255-0213, Jahan Hassan 818-968-6736, SK Zaman, Shafiul Alam Babu, Ferdous Khan, Nazrul Islam Chowdhury Kanchon 213-270-4567, Badrul Alam Chowdhury Shiplu 818-679-4924,  Dr. Pradip Chowdhury, Dr. Iqbal Munir, Dr. Salma Khan, Dr. Rubina Najeeb, Dr. Aboo Nasar (Shuman),   Dr Moazzem Hossain, Dr. Ruby Hossain, Abul Kashem Toha 818-624-1551, Dr. Shah Alam 818-370-3685, Diluar Chowdhury 909-213-5862, Khaleed Hossain 818-681-3710, Syed Nasiruddin Zebul, Layek Ahmed 818-294-1523, Faruq Howlader 213-509-9393, Dablu Amin, Maruf Khan 424-215-6461,  Siddikur Rahman Foisal 818-593-9441, Sheikh Rafiqul Islam 323-806-5332, Shahnag Bulbul 213-304-1607, Aktar Hossain Mia 213-235-8619, Mohammad Tareq 323-382-4129, Enamul hoque Emran 818-625-5031, Karim Chaudhury 805-358-9635, Md Hasan 805-218-5574,  Dr. Khalid Mahmud 951-315-2608, Shaw Ali 951-279-4741, Flt Kt Fida Hossain 951-283-4917, Dr. Rezaul Karim 714-519-1220, Dr. Rafiqul Bhuyan 909-537-5789, Tahmina Morshed 213-840-7264, Badiul Alam 626-627-7462, Kushum Alam 818-445-8522, Manzurul Chowdhury Rabiul,  Jilani Sadiq 714-269-6607, Khaled Gazi – 949-653-0606, Zafar Ullah 562-305-3819, Firoze Fakhri 714-470-6438, Ahsan Hafeez 213-509-9393, Ashraf Hossain Babul 213-884-3538, Saiful Alam Chowdhury 323-338-1417, Mushfiqur Chowdhury Khosru 323-422-5479, SMA Razzaque 213-389-1208, Farhana Sayeed 213-926-7522 and many others.


Bangladesh Unity Federation of Los Angeles (BUFLA)

BUFLA is a Federation of many different Bangladeshi Organizations of Greater Los Angeles area in California, USA

BUFLA Office and Mailing Address:
BUFLA,  135 S. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA


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