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Saturday, May 26, 2012

[mukto-mona] Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank

Yunus angered both AL and BNP by supporting the "Minus 2" Theory and aspiring to become the president of the country through a questionable election. With him as the puppet head of the government, we would have got virtually an army rule. BNP should be thankful that it has not happened. It is now using Yunus issue as a propaganda against AL. If BNP ever comes to power, it will not do any thing for Yunus. 

From: Mohiuddin Anwar <>
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2012 9:09 PM
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Re: [ALOCHONA] Re: Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Gra meen Bank

Honorable Dr. Yunus was acceptable to most Bangladeshis until Hasina dropped him from Grameen Bank. All Awami/Baksalis now criticizing Dr. Yunus and following
Hasina's step. this is unfortunate for all Bangladeshis. My understanding is that if he joined BAL(Bangladesh Awami League) or supported Awami/Baksali
agenda he could been still the CEO of Grammen Bank.
 Awami's repect Indian Noble Laurate Amartya Sen but hate Bangladeshi Noble  winner Dr. Yunus.
Even Amaratya receives state honor by Hasina regime. Anything Indian 'dear'  to the Awami/Baksalis.
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From: qar <>
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Re: [ALOCHONA] Re: Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 12:09:10 -0400 (EDT)

You want me to give a pass to Dr. Yunus because he is a Bangladeshi and got a prize for us? He got prize on what basis? Why can't he defend his own economic model? Why can't he improve his model? Why can't he setup an Institute (Yunus) with his prize money? Even international donors would shower him with money. What is he waiting for?

>>>>>>>> Nope. just go ahead and drag him down to mud. Who needs an enemy when we have such "Assets" within......

I am sure, you have the intellect to critic his work. Also feel free to show us how he fooled the whole world (The Americans, Canadians, Indians, Saudis, Chinese, South Americans etc).

Knock yourself out my friend!!

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From: Shah Deeldar <>
To: alochona <>
Cc: mukto-mona <>
Sent: Fri, May 25, 2012 4:16 am
Subject: [mukto-mona] Re: [ALOCHONA] Re: Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank

As a brilliant economist, Dr. Yunus should be able to withstand some critics. More garlands to a man for his Nobel peace price is basically redundant and should be avoided. Even brilliant Milton Friedman (  was attacked vehemently for his economical theories. You want me to give a pass to Dr. Yunus because he is a Bangladeshi and got a prize for us? He got prize on what basis? Why can't he defend his own economic model? Why can't he improve his model? Why can't he setup an Institute (Yunus) with his prize money? Even international donors would shower him with money. What is he waiting for?
"All great truths begin as blasphemies." GBS
From: Emanur Rahman <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 6:45 PM
Subject: RE: [ALOCHONA] Re: Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank

It is in our nature to pull back down into the dirt those who achieve more than us. It's a national trait.

Shah Deeldar and Rahaat Khan are doing this with Prof Yunus.

BNP have done this quite successfully with Zia.

BAL have been the most successful with Bangabandhu.

It is as equally gratifying as it is disappointing that 40 years on the stereotypes continue to hold true.

Well done.

Emanur Rahman, UK

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From: [] On Behalf Of ezajur
Sent: 23 May 2012 08:08
Subject: [ALOCHONA] Re: Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank

I don't understand Shah Deeldar. He says Yunus got the award for what he did but then says he failed to do anything with the award. What was he supposed to do with the award? Give it to Hasina?

There are a lot of chamchas who discuss Dr Yunus without any reference to Hasina. These chamchas did not complain when he got the award. These chamchas did not complain before he got the award. But the moment Hasina took revenge against him for daring to enter politics -

all the chamchas joined in the hounding of Dr Yunus.

--- In, Shumon Ahmed <shumonoh@...> wrote:
> The contribution of Dr Yunus is more than any political party of Bangladesh specially BAL. That's why Dr. Hasina is so jealous. As the BAL thieves already destroyed all the organization of Bangladesh and they have little left to steal from, now they need the Grameen profitable organizations (over 30)Â and they want to start stealing from there.
> Noble prize committee knows more than any of us about the candidate
> before awarding the prize. The prize is not based on future
> accomplishment but the past achievement.Â
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> From: Shah Deeldar <shahdeeldar@...>
> To: "" <>
> Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 8:54 AM
> Subject: Re: [ALOCHONA] Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank
> Â
> Look, Norwegian Nobel committee knows the exact quality of the man. Needless to say that not all Nobel prizes are equals. Dr. Yunus was given the prize for a good cause but he has totally failed to do anything with that Gold medal. A sad story indeed!
> -SD
> "All great truths begin as blasphemies." GBS
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> From: Modasser Hossain <bolonhome@...>
> To:
> Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 9:11 PM
> Subject: [ALOCHONA] Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank
> Â
> Â
> Dr. Yunus - Not the Founder of Grameen Bank
> Â
> -Rahaat Khan
> Â
> Â
> Dr. Yunus’s case related to Grameen Bank is now pending with the Supreme Court. The hearing is adjourned for two weeks from 15th March, 2011. Naturally, any opinion on this sub-judiced matter is prohibited in the eye of law. Hence, I will only put forward some of my personal observation on Dr. Muhammad Yunus and his activities.
> Â
> A man of high esteem, Dr. Yunus has definitely glorified our nation
> for his Nobel Peace award. And we, being Bangladeshis feel proud of him. But there is a slight misnomer with his reputation. Dr. Yunus is frequently recognized as the founder of Grameen Bank. But the fact does not entirely go with this. The Government of Bangladesh has constituted this specialized bank in 1990 in purview with the existing rules of the land and under the provisions and supervision of Bangladesh Bank. As such, Dr. Yunus may, by large, be considered as the founder managing director of the said bank, not the founder. Any way, he is all in all in the Grameen Bank and his hilarious effort in marketing this bank is enormous. Like many other, it also strikes me that why Dr. Yunus was not interested to have a successor although there was a heresy that for sometime, Khaled Shams, a renowned banker was deemed to the next role leader. But in one fine morning Mr. Shams was removed from this bank and also it was not clear whether he was engaged in any of Grameen’s projects. Anyway, the next name we came across was some Dipal Borua but that too been a faded name for a long while. No doubt, Dr. Yunus’s contribution to the Grameen Bank is fathomless. But it is also an undeniable fact that an institution requires a generation of successive leadership for its sustenance. But we did not spot Mr. Yunus being attentive to this at all. Why? This may be better known to him but my understanding along with many others slates this not as a failure on Dr. Yunus’s part to realize it rather the very wish of life long governance over the institution of even the intention of doing whatever he feels like with this specialized bank.
> Â
> This is a common place that everyone retires after a certain period of service. But the very effort of Dr. Yunus testifies that he wants a life time managing directorship for Grameen Bank. Seemingly, his departure from this grand comradeship will husk a griddling fate to 80 lakh poor people. Mr. Yunus is now 71. Does every death spare any Nobel laureate? If so be the fact, and also the fact remains Dr. Yunus’s absence from Grameen Bank, shatters the fate of 80 lack poor people, naturally people should witness his immortality for the sake of Grameen Bank and the poor. But is that possible?
> Â
> Defying all these Dr. Yunus requires to be on top of the Grameen Bank.
> It isn’t only because of the dignity of this Nobel laureate, but to the best of my knowledge, rather because of many inter and intra continental trade conglomeration. Okay, there is no harm in such strategic partnership. But many indicates on the unfair pledge especially where any specialized financial institution like Grameen Bank enjoys the provision of non-compliance collateral or equity principles and tax rebate. As such it earned an unequival competitive advantage to override other similar businesses in the market for which it was not meant, rather, the special arrangements on part of the regulators came out of the belief that micro financing and micro credit would be an epitome to relieve poverty. But what our experience narrates is nothing but the tale of an ugly game. When it is expected that Dr. Yunus being a Nobel laureate would do justice to his own dignity more specifically when the awards goes for peace making. But it didn’t go along that line. Mr Yunus didn’t off shoulder his responsibility until he was officially removed by the Bangladesh Bank. Some Western allies including the Friends of Grameen started lobbying and seemed to be very much resolutative for holding his position as MD of the Grameen Bank. Disaster without Yunus!
> Â
> Now, the question is, whose disaster the allies think it to be?
> Anyway, I restrain myself from commenting on that. Just to raise a little point on the validity of the policy statements of an institution which claims to have a pivotal role in poverty alleviation where the interest rate is 35 to 40 per cent and more interestingly these loan arrangements are triggered towards to the people living below the poverty line. Doesn’t it sound like an impractical imagination? As if a fool dwelling in a paradise! Against this backdrop of Grameen Bank, there are many NGOs in Bangladesh (e.g. BRAC, PROSHIKA, Nijera Kori, KARITAS etc.) which have a long legacy of success story on issues like poverty alleviation, reducing child mortality and pregnant women, population control, women empowerment, development of sanitation in rural and slum areas etc. Does the Grameen Bank record any visible contribution to the above-mentioned programmes or areas with its high-rated interest provision? Then, it is not an exaggeration or over-statement that the Grameen Bank effort was more focused on financial transaction based on a mercenary-like attitude and style than effective poverty alleviation.
> Â
> Despite all these, Dr. Yunus was awarded Nobel peace price for his
> `contribution’ to poverty alleviation and helping reducing the threat of anarchy due to extreme poverty in society thus bringing smiles to millions of faces in rural Bangladesh. This Nobel price in fact struck many conscious minds. A man who has never uttered a single word protesting against the 1971 genocide by Pakistan, rather stayed in USA to remain in safe zone; who has always kept aloof during natural and political calamities in Bangladesh (only except the post one-eleven incident). Rather, it is him, the man who has little visible contribution to poverty alleviation rather but for conceptualizing micro credit to the poor with an enormous interest rate and thus became a mercenary Dr. Yunus who has been awarded the Nobel Peace price for peace? What else could this be called than just doing a mimic to peace by the Nobel granting committee? I have always praised Mr. Yunus as a successful entrepreneur; however, I still have some reservations and queries regarding him:
> Â
> A Bangladeshi by birth, why Dr. Yunus never has visited our national mausoleum in Savar, or shrine of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman? Nor have we ever seen him saying anything regarding Bangabandhu. His snobbish attitude and disregard to Bangabandhu and all glorious achievements of Bangalee nation hurt me the most. Should such a personality deserve respect? Moreover, the man who intended to brand all politicians as corrupt during the post one-eleven scenario; and who consented to take responsibility of ruling the country but with an assurance for 10-year stay in power has been much downgraded from his dignity and esteem. Time will say what will be the legal fate of Dr. Yunus. But Mr. Yunus, you have lost much of the glare of a Nobel laureate by now. This is really a misfortune for the whole nation.
> Â Â
> Â
> Â Â Â


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