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Monday, May 28, 2012

Re: [mukto-mona] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?

Awami League failed to try the war criminals, declared general amnesty, but continued the acquisition of minority property at a speed not pursued even by the Govt. of Pakistan.  In spite of liberation from the clutches of Pakistan, Bangladesh 'establishment' remained Pakistani by all definitions.  Now the situation is different.  Political survival of the party would be at stake if the war criminals are not tried and the strange Siamese twin, BNP and Jamaat are not separated.

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 10:39 PM, subimal chakrabarty <> wrote:

Mr. Anwar
I don't know why you take the trial of the war criminals so lightly, if not negatively. The trial has become overdue. AL failed to do it before. Even surprisingly AL did not actively support the movement led by Shahid Janani. But it is never late. Even if this time AL is doing it for winning elections, why would you care! Rather you should advise BNP to support the trial. If BNP supports the trial, it will have more acceptibility among the voters. Obviously Hindus will be on AL's side in the issue of the trial. The reason is simple. As a religious community it was the worst victim of holocaust. By supporting the trial, BNP can also get Hindu votes. Do some analysis to find that practically BNP is more pro-Indian than AL.    

The way Awami League allied with Jamat in the past, same way BNP is allied with Jamat. War criminal charges are made just to seperate Jamat from BNP alliance so that Awami League can win next general election. Awami League know it very well that Jamat's support is vital for winning any eletion in Bangladesh. Their voter is more than minority hindu vote, minority hindu voters are Awamileagures reserve voter. My suggession to Jamat is to join BNP for their own interset to defeat pro-Indians in  future parliamentery election.Awami League might try to create another Jamat to divide Jamati vote.

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Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 15:56:53 -0700 (PDT)

Exactly, there is no last word in politics. The ultimate goal is important. What is BNP's ultimate goal? What is the objective of the alliance with Jamaat? To stop trying the war criminals---is it one of them?
From: qar <>
Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 3:14 PM
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?

AL's alliance with Jamaat was a win-win game. A
>>>>>>> So is there any place for ideals, principals, moral etc in politics? If that was an "Alliance" how do you describe BNP-JEI (Jamaat e Islami) partnership?

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Sent: Sun, May 27, 2012 3:36 am
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?

Yes, that is called strategic alliance in politics. AL's alliance with Jamaat was a win-win game. AL came to power. Jamaat, the anti-liberation hated party, rehabilitated itself in Bangladesh politics.
From: Mohiuddin Anwar <>
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2012 11:49 AM
Subject: Re: [mukto-mona] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?

In poltics everything is possible. Todays friends are tomorrows foes. The persons now allied with Awami League Hasanul Haq Inu was responsible for killing hundreds of Awami Leagyuers when Inu led the
notorious JASOD Gonobahini. Jononetri forgot the past. Same thing will happen to other politicians. Once Jamat was allied with Awami League to oppose BNP now Jamat allied with BNP. India and USA is the main powerbroaker of our government we have to realize this. India doesnot support any ruling party permanently rather with the people of Bangladesh , Indian Minister Salmam Khurshid just mentioned this in Dhaka. Behindthe curtain negotiation continuing. Hasina government lost public support in three years of misrule, India and USA knew it better  than us.Hasina's torture/repression  surpassed her own record

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From: subimal chakrabarty <>
To: mukto-mona <>
Subject: [mukto-mona] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?
Date: Sat, 26 May 2012 08:37:59 -0700 (PDT)

If you read Munshi or M. Anwar or any one in the gang, you know that they hardly rely on people for capturing power. Rather they will rely more on conspiracies. The history of the very birth of BNP (a brainchild of an army dictator named Zia) can explain this. AL came through great struggles while Zia simply hijacked power from the revolutionaries led by Taher whom and many other the former had to kill to consolidate power. If you look back and reflect on BNP's achievemnets, it has "sold out" the country (example, sharing the Ganges water) more than AL has. Once back to power for a prolonged period, they will repeat the same thing. 
Munshi should know that America is soft on Jamaat thanks to the manipulated lobbyists in DC. That automatically makes BNP a favorite of America. Only good news for AL is that India is getting more and more aligned with America and India finds a more reliable friend in AL, not BNP. 
Having said that I must have a word of caution here for AL: Rely on people's support, not the support of the elder brother.     
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Subject: Re: [notun_bangladesh] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?

Sir, In democracy, you oust a government with people' mandate! The days of 1970-80s are gone. With Arab spring roaring around, a small fiery bazzar suicide can ignite the whole country in anytime. That is called people' power! Striking a deal with Indians and Americans would not be a deciding factor for winning an election. But, if you do not get along with your immediate bigger neighbor and world's top cop, US, you would not bring success to your country unless you are a big country with huge oil and gas reserve.  Obviously, we are none of that sort except we got a booming population with finite area.

The question is whether Tareque would be the same old wine in new bottle? Whether he would be more interested in stealing than ruling? Whether he is a democrat with his own mind or he be manipulated by Jamatis? In later scenario, he would be considered a dead man on arrival. You may win the election but may not be able to rule! For weaker states, the rules are already in place! We have no choice but to follow the rules. Or, else, we become the Somalias and Pakistans of the world. Even God would abandon us!

BNP/Jamat should tone down the rhetoric and show that they are responsible party and ready to take over the power in next election. Boycotting parliament and forcing people to observe Hartals every other day is not a good sign from a responsible party. BNP cadres might like thrill of burning buses and destroying properties but people don't!
Good Day!
"All great truths begin as blasphemies." GBS

My understanding is that if needed to oust Awami League from the power BNP should make a deal with India and USA(with some conditions) as Awami League did in the past.After all
they can influence forming future government in Bangladesh.I beleve that process has been initiated already.

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From: "mimunshi" <>
Subject: [notun_bangladesh] Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 16:50:38 -0000

Will the BNP strike a deal with New Delhi to keep Tareque Rahman involved in politics?
I have refrained from writing on Bangladesh politics for the good part of 3 years but recent developments have impressed upon me the urgency of finding an answer to the question raised. Will the BNP ultimately strike a deal with New Delhi to keep Tareque Rahman in politics? The question is not as outrageous as it may initially seem, since Indian interests appear increasingly to coincide with that of the BNP. The ultimate objective of both is to keep US involvement and influence in the region to an absolute minimum. There are here four important factors at play that is bringing India and the BNP closer together: (1) Private US expressions of a deep and abiding aversion to Tareque Rahman's involvement in Bangladesh political life; (2) Western displeasure and vocal criticism of the present AL government which could eventually lead to it's downfall or a massive elections defeat in 2013; (3) US military presence in the South Asian region could potentially ignite tensions with China which neither India or the BNP would find desirable at this point in time or at any time in the near future;  (4) A military role (albeit limited like in 1/11) in Bangladesh politics (which could actually aid US military interests in the country) that neither India or the BNP would find acceptable and which could become a distinct possibility if the country continues on the present destructive path chosen by a highly irrational and vindictive Awami League. All four points have to be factored in when considering an answer to the question posed above. 

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